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In the wake of the health crisis, holidaymakers are opting more for proximity and independence. The need for space and contact with nature is taking on greater importance, offering the opportunity to savour a new-found freedom. Camping in the countryside, camping in the countryside... holidaymakers are looking for moments of relaxation and communion with nature. So the choice of camping location is of paramount importance. France, with its geographical diversity, offers a myriad of camping sites for total immersion in nature.

The Gorges du Tarn, Sud Ouest

The Gorges du Tarn offer a spectacular setting for camping enthusiasts in search of natural splendour. The sheer limestone cliffs and turquoise waters of the Tarn create a breathtaking landscape that is ideal for outdoor activities such as canoeing, canyoning and hiking. The Gorges du Tarn also boast medieval villages perched on cliffs and Roman remains. What could be better than going on a day trip and coming back to the campsite at the end of the day to enjoy the swimming pool and the many activities. Try the Gorges du Tarn experience by booking your campsite on the website

The Crozon peninsula, Brittany

The Presqu'île de Crozon is a natural gem in Brittany, with majestic cliffs, tranquil beaches and breathtaking coastal views. It's the perfect place for camping enthusiasts who want to enjoy an authentic experience and lose themselves in raw nature. A camping holiday in Finistère means enjoying the peace and quiet of the creeks the soothing sound of the waves and breathtaking views. The Crozon peninsula offers the perfect natural setting for a memorable outdoor family holiday.

The Camargue, Occitania

This vast nature reserve in the Occitanie region is an ideal destination for camping. Its salt marsh landscapes, wild horses and pink flamingos create a unique atmosphere. Camping in this region offers exceptional proximity to nature, giving visitors the opportunity to live in harmony with a preserved ecosystem. It's an immersive experience, where you can observe the local wildlife up close and enjoy the spellbinding calm of this exceptional place. What's more, the Camargue offers privileged access to the Mediterranean, giving visitors the chance to spend relaxing days on the beach.

Corsica Regional Nature Park

Corsica, with its striking panoramas between mountains and sea, is the perfect setting for camping enthusiasts. Whether you prefer North or South Corsica, Ze-camping offers a variety of campsites. campsites in seasideYou'll be able to enjoy unspoilt beaches. Between the paths of the GR20 and the crystal-clear rivers, camping in Corsica promises an immersive experience in harmony with nature.

The Marais Poitevin Regional Nature Park

The Marais Poitevin, nicknamed the "Green Venice", captivates campers with its winding canals, expanses of greenery and peaceful atmosphere. Ideal for camping, this natural setting offers picturesque waterside pitches. Activities such as boating through the canals, fishing and cycling along the shady paths guarantee an outdoor experience rich in discovery.

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