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The impact of strikes on passengers

Airline strikes can cause a range of problems for passengers, including long delays, flight cancellations and missed connections. These disruptions can have a considerable impact on travellers, sometimes forcing them to change their travel plans. travel plansYou may have to cancel hotel reservations or incur unforeseen costs. It is therefore essential to understand your rights in the event of a strike by your airline.

Airline strike: Are you entitled to a refund?

Passenger rights in the event of a strike vary according to the legislation in force in the jurisdiction where the airline is based. However, here are some general rules that often apply:

1. Right to information

Airlines are obliged to keep you properly informed in the event of an announced strike. This means that they must keep you informed of possible disruptions, delays or flight cancellations. They must also tell you what measures have been taken to minimise the inconvenience caused by the strike.

2. Refund or re-routing

If your flight is cancelled due to strike action, you generally have the right to choose between a full refund of the ticket price or re-routing to your destination. If you opt for re-routing, the airline must offer you an alternative flight within a reasonable time.

3. Compensation for delays

If your flight is significantly delayed due to the strike, you may be entitled to compensation. However, the amounts and conditions vary according to local legislation. At EuropeFor example, EC Regulation 261/2004 provides for compensation in the event of long delays, but a strike is generally considered to be an "extraordinary circumstance" exempting the airline from certain obligations.

4. Entitlement to care

In the event of long delays or flight cancellations, airlines are obliged to outfits provide assistance to passengers. This may include meals, drinks, accommodation if necessary, as well as the possibility of communicating with your loved ones or receiving financial compensation for costs incurred.

5. Legal remedies

If the airline does not meet its obligations in the event of a strike, you have the right to file a claim. It is advisable to keep all documents relating to your journey, including flight tickets, receipts and communications with the airline, as this may facilitate the claims process. In the event of a Air France strikeIn this case, it is advisable to call on an aviation law expert such as AirHelp, who can help you win your case effectively.

Limits to passenger rights in the event of strike action

It is important to note that passengers' rights in the event of a strike are not unlimited. Airlines can invoke the concept of " extraordinary circumstances "Strikes by airline staff are often considered extraordinary circumstances. Strikes by airline staff are often considered to be extraordinary circumstances, which means that the airline may not have to pay compensation in the event of delay or cancellation. However, there are limits to this exception. For example, if the strike was foreseeable and the airline could have taken steps to avoid or mitigate its consequences, you may still be entitled to compensation.


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