The superb seaside resort of Arcachon is located in south-east France, along the Atlantic coast and in the heart of the Landes de Gascogne region. Since the end of the 19th century, this seaside resort has welcomed many holidaymakers. Initially favoured by the Parisian and Bordeaux bourgeoisie, it has become a picturesque resort for tourists from all over the world.

Arcachon is the ideal place to spend a holiday in seaside. Its history, geographical location, natural areas and climate are all exceptional. You'll be surprised to discover that the town is made up of four distinct districts when you arrive by train from Paris, Arcachon. These names come from the particularities of each district, as each was built with seasonal tourism in mind. Tourists now visit them all throughout the year. The Winter Town is a district filled with magnificent villas and mansions. It's a delight to stroll through the winding streets of this district, admiring the superb facades and landscaped gardens. The Moorish park and the Sainte-Cécile belvedere offer spectacular views from the summit.

The summer town is home to Plage Pereire, the market, the chapel, the many terraced bars, restaurants, chic boutiques and the main entertainment venues. Enjoy the sea breeze as you stroll in the sun or under the pine trees along the Boulevard de la Mer.
You will find a pleasant escape in the city of Spring. Take a walk in the Pereire Park. The city of Autumn, also known as l'Aiguillon, has its share of beauty and maritime surprises. Its beautiful marina will appeal to sailors, while those who prefer to fish from the trawler port will be enchanted by its beauty. It is important to spend some time exploring the magnificent and sumptuous Bassin d'Arcachon during your stay at the hotel.

Must-see places to visit in Arcachon

Cap Ferret, located at the southern end of the Bay of Arcachon

Cap Ferret is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The area is known for its beaches, dune systems and bird-watching opportunities. Visitors can also enjoy the many restaurants and cafés, as well as the many local arts and crafts shops. Cap Ferret is also home to a number of Arcachon guide companies offering tours of the bay and surrounding area. Whether you want to relax on the beach or explore the surrounding area, Cap Ferret is an ideal destination.

The Basilica of Notre Dame

It is important to take an interest in the history and architecture of Arcachon before visiting. The monk Thomas Illyricus, prayed on the shore in 1522 for the salvation of two ships in difficulty. He came across a statue of the Virgin Mary. To protect the statue, he built a wooden chapel. This became the Basilica of Our Lady.

Today is the 25th of March, Saint Mary's Day, and the feast of Arcachon. Visit Arcachon to witness the mass procession to the Sailors' Cross. As a tribute to the sailors who lost their lives at sea, you will see everyone holding a yellow rose in each hand.

Bird Island

This remarkable site is located in the middle of the Arcachon Basin. Île aux oiseaux is famous for its two cabanes tchanquées, which take their name from the Gascon word "chancas", meaning "mounted on stilts". There are over 150 species of birds that can be observed on the site. That's around 400,000 birds! You can visit Arcachon and its basin by catamaran or fishing boat, which will take you to the Ile aux Oiseaux.


The Pilat Dune


This sand dune, almost 3 km long, is an emblematic natural monument of the Landes region. As with other tourists who have visited Arcachon, you can climb the dune either by the stairs or by the sand. Enjoy the 360 degree view over the countryside and the ocean. There are many activities that will make your day memorable, whether you are alone or with your family.

Watch the sunset from the top of the dune for an unforgettable moment that will stay with you forever. Relax and enjoy the sound of the wind on the sand as you watch the colours change behind the horizon.

What are the activities to do in Arcachon?

Skydiving in Arcachon


Imagine that you are floating above the Bay of Arcachon. As you descend, you will see below you the Dune du Pilat, the Banc d'Arguin, the Cap Ferret lighthouse. You can even see the Pyrenees in the distance. You feel free and alive

The skydiving in Arcachon A tandem flight over the Bay of Arcachon is a memorable experience that many people consider to be one of the most unforgettable moments of their lives.

Don't be afraid to take the plunge! You can choose the skydiving centre that best suits your needs, whether for a future gift or just for fun.
The tandem jump (with an instructor), gift certificates or the adrenaline rush are all reasons to jump.

Paddling in a boat or canoe


There are plenty of opportunities if you enjoy canoeing or kayaking. You can explore the region by launching your boat on the Leyre. This freshwater river, also known as the "Little Amazon", flows into the Arcachon Basin. You can also sail on the waters of the Bassin d'Arcachon, which are so vast that you will discover a new place every time.

Playing a round of golf


Real golf enthusiasts always check to see if there are any golf courses near their holiday destination. There are many golf courses in the Bay of Arcachon. The best known are Arcachon and Gujan-Mestras, but you can also practice at Lanton or Lege-Cap Ferret.

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