If you are a fan of adventure, then the camping is made for you! However, it is important to think about how to make your camping backpack. When it is well prepared, it is a guarantee of a safe and comfortable trip. excursion pleasant camping experience. The better organised it is, the less stressful the trip.

Planning a camping backpack

Before putting anything in your backpack, you should make a list of the compartments you need. You can divide it into three or even four parts depending on its weight. This way, you can easily decide what goes where. For example, a distinction can be made between the floor of the backpack, the middle area of the backpack and the top area. Each section has its own style of items to carry.

This planning will save space and allow you to know where everything is. For smaller items, it is important to collect them in a bag. This will prevent them from getting lost and will protect the more fragile ones. For example, these could be stored in the top area of the bag to prevent them from being damaged by the load of other objects.

Checklist of accessories to put in a camping backpack

As with planning, it is important to keep a list. The list helps you to see what to take and what to leave behind. Note that some items are more important than others.

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Some basic items to include in a camping backpack

As the choice of backpack has already been made, here is a non-exhaustive list of materials to bring along:

  • The accessories are elements that should not be forgotten because they will make your life easier during your camping trip. Accessories include: a compassA map, a water bottle, a mackintosh and many other things you may need for a satisfactory camping experience.
  • A change of clothes is also important. You can't wear the same clothes for the entire duration of your camping trip, and the amount of clothes you need will depend on this. You should be as minimalist as possible, as too much clothing will take up more space.
  • Food: You should never go camping without food and drink. It is advisable to eat light and healthy. Dry food such as a cereal bar is preferable because it does not break down quickly.
  • The kit It is as important as the other items on the list. It is as important as the other items on the list. Besides, don't they say that you can never be too careful? It should not be large, so just the bare essentials will suffice.

Other equipment for your camping backpack

Think about how you will be entertained. If it's a group camping you can suggest a list to the others to help you choose the entertainment. This could be board games or sports equipment that is easy to carry. In short, anything that will keep you busy during the camping trip. sleeping bag and a suitable tent. There are different models depending on experience. The weather conditions at the campsite may help to make a good choice.

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The travel bag: a separate accessory

Before we leave you, we would like to remind you not to confuse the camping bag with the travel bag. The camping bag is primarily designed for practical purposes. It is designed to carry a maximum of accessories, often bulky, and to carry a relatively heavy weight for long periods.

A travel bag on the contrary, its purpose is to carry everything you need for a comfortable trip, but this time as light as possible. It is not meant to be used for camping, but rather to carry the essentials during a trip in aircraftA travel bag often has the advantage of being stylish! A travel bag therefore often has the advantage of being elegant! As you can see on the linked website, some luxury brands such as Longchamp or Lancel offer a wide range of travel bags to take with you in all circumstances. The most elegant people can decide to buy several of them in order to match the seasons, the seasons and the seasons. destinationsand the way he dresses.

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