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The campingOnce synonymous with rustic adventure in the great outdoors, the sport has undergone a veritable metamorphosis in recent years. Today, the campsites 5-star hotels promise an experience combining luxury, comfort and natural immersion, pushing back the limits of your expectations when it comes to outdoor holidays.

A different way to discover camping

Definition of a 5-star campsite

A 5-star campsite is the epitome of excellence in outdoor accommodation. This classification, the highest in the camping industry, is awarded to establishments that offer not only first-class facilities, but also a full range of exceptional services. These campsites are characterised by their commitment to providing a level of comfort, luxury and service that rivals the most prestigious hotels.

To achieve this prestigious distinction, a campsite must meet strict criteria set by national regulatory bodies. These criteria cover everything from the quality and variety of accommodation available, to the range of services offered, to the cleanliness and maintenance of the facilities. A 5-star campsite must also offer an unrivalled customer experience, with particular attention to detail and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Importance of star rating

In the world of tourism, star rating is a key indicator of the quality, comfort and services offered by an establishment. Far from being superficial, this classification gives travellers a clear idea of what they can expect in terms of facilities, welcome and overall service.

For campsites, this scale is essential. It allows potential customers to quickly and easily compare the different options available to them and choose the one that best suits their expectations and budget. A 5-star campsite, for example, guarantees a top-of-the-range experience, with first-class facilities and services.

What's more, for campsite owners and managers, obtaining and maintaining a high number of stars is a token of recognition for their efforts to offer their customers an exceptional experience. It is also a powerful marketing tool, attracting customers who are prepared to pay a premium to benefit from the level of service promised by this classification.

Finally, star rating is often the result of regular inspections and quality audits. These processes ensure that establishments meet or exceed established standards, giving travellers added reassurance when choosing accommodation.

Top-of-the-range accommodation

The first thing you'll notice about a 5-star campsite is the diversity and quality of its accommodation.

Modern mobile homes

When you think of a 5-star campsite, forget the old austere mobile homes. Today, the mobile homes in these upmarket establishments offer all the comfort and luxury you could wish for. With spacious, elegantly designed interiors, these accommodations usually include separate bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms and comfortable living areas. Many top-of-the-range mobile homes also have private terraces, ideal for relaxing on at the end of the day.

Fully-equipped chalets

Chalets at a 5-star campsite offer the perfect combination of privacy and luxury. These wooden structures, nestled in impressive natural landscapes, are the ideal choice for those seeking a more traditional experience without compromising on comfort. Equipped with all modern conveniences, these chalets feature separate bedrooms, full kitchens, warm living spaces and, in some cases, extra facilities such as private hot tubs or saunas. Their rustic charm, combined with contemporary facilities, makes them idyllic retreats.

Glamping tents and luxury lodges

Glamping, or glamorous camping, has revolutionised the traditional camping experience. At a 5-star campsite, you can expect sumptuously appointed tents with comfortable beds, quality bedding, and often heating and air conditioning. Far from being just a stretched canvas, these tents are spacious and adorned with luxurious details. Luxury lodges, meanwhile, elevate the experience even further by offering even larger spaces and additional amenities, such as private hot tubs or terraces overlooking panoramic views. These accommodations offer the unique experience of being in harmony with nature, while benefiting from an unrivalled level of comfort and refinement.

5-star campsite

Exceptional services

Catering and gastronomy

At a 5-star campsite, you can expect dishes worthy of the finest restaurants. Whether it's a hearty breakfast, a terrace lunch or a gourmet dinner, the quality is always there.

Wellness areas and spas

After a day of excursions, what could be better than relaxing in a wellness area? Saunas, steam rooms, massages and body treatments are often on offer for a moment of pure relaxation.

Children's clubs and entertainment

The little ones are not left out. Children's clubs, fun and educational activities, shows... everything is designed to keep them entertained and fulfilled.

Concierge services

As in a luxury hotel, the concierge is there to meet all your needs, reservations, specific requests, everything is possible.

The environment of a 5-star campsite

Location and environment are key to ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Close to nature

These campsites are located in unspoilt areas, offering a true communion with nature, as well as the comfort of a top-of-the-range establishment.

Exceptional landscapes and locations

Whether it's a view of a lake, a private beach or a dense forest, each 5-star campsite offers a unique and memorable setting.

The importance of staff in the luxury experience

Training and professionalism

Our staff are trained to provide impeccable service. Courtesy, professionalism and discretion are our watchwords.

Customer service quality

Customer satisfaction is paramount, so expect to be treated with care and attention at every stage of your stay.

5-star campsite swimming pool

Safety and tranquillity: criteria for choice

Surveillance and guarding

Your safety is a priority. Many 5-star campsites are equipped with surveillance systems and security teams to guarantee your peace of mind.

Secure facilities

Whether for swimming pools, playgrounds or other facilities, everything is designed to guarantee safety for young and old alike.


The promise of a memorable experience

A stay at a 5-star campsite is more than just a holiday in the great outdoors. It's a luxury experience, combining nature, comfort and exceptional services.

Current trends in 5-star campsites

Constantly evolving, these campsites are adapting to modern needs, offering cutting-edge technology, ever more comfortable accommodation and increasingly personalised services. A trend that confirms that luxury and nature can coexist perfectly.


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