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Welcome to the lanes and shores of Vannes, a photographer's paradise. In this article, we invite you to join us in exploring the best places to take outdoor photos in Vannes. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a keen amateur, Vannes has some unexpected visual treasures in store for you.

The port of Vannes: a must for photographers

Discover how local photographers capture the essence of the port of Vannes, and take a look at their portfolios at this page.

A maritime atmosphere for unique photo shoots

The Port of Vannes is a real treasure trove for photographers looking for an authentic maritime backdrop. With its traditional boats moored along the quays and historic architecture reflected in the calm waters, every shot captured here tells a story. Whether it's for a fashion shoot, a portrait, or simply to capture the serene ambience of the port, the possibilities are endless. The golden hour of the morning, when the light gently embraces the boats, offers a magical moment for soft, vibrant photos.

Tips for capturing the charm of the port

  • Play with the reflections: The calm waters of the harbour offer a wonderful opportunity to play with the reflections of the boats and buildings.
  • Exploit natural light: Visit the port at different times to discover how light changes the atmosphere and offers new photographic perspectives.
  • Nautical details: be sure to capture the unique details of boats and ropes, adding a maritime charm to your photos.
  • Architecture and context: Include the surrounding architecture to give your photos a context and show the harmony between the city and its port.
  • Scenes from life: Capture moments of everyday life in the port to add a touch of authenticity and dynamism to your images.

Saint Peter's Cathedral: majesty and splendour

Immortalising Gothic architecture

The cathedral Saint-Pierre, a jewel of Vannes' heritage, offers photographers a spectacular display of Gothic architecture. With its imposing towers and delicate stained glass windows, this cathedral is the perfect setting for impressive architectural shots. Photographers can explore the play of light and shadow created by the flying buttresses and rose windows, capturing the majesty and complexity of this historic building.

Inside the cathedral: a challenge for photographers

The interior of St Peter's Cathedral is a real challenge for photographers, with its subtle lighting and intricate details. It's all about mastering the nuances of light to reveal the richness of the sculptures, columns and frescoes. Photographers have to play with contrasts and perspectives to capture the spiritual and artistic essence of this sacred space.

Jardin des Remparts: nature and serenity in the centre of town

A haven for photographers in search of greenery

Nestling in the heart of Vannes, the Jardin des Remparts is a haven a haven of peace for photographers looking for a green setting. This garden, with its flower-lined paths, century-old trees and water features, offers a multitude of idyllic natural scenes. Photographers can capture the beauty of the seasons, from delicate spring flowers to golden autumn leaves, finding this garden an ideal location for creating natural portraits and peaceful landscapes.

Angles and perspectives in the garden

The Remparts Garden lends itself wonderfully well to the exploration of angles and perspectives. Photographers can play with the symmetry of the pathways, the structure of the flowerbeds, and the diversity of viewpoints offered by the garden's various reliefs. Whether for detailed close-ups or general views capturing the harmony of the garden, every corner offers unique opportunities for creative and inspiring photographic compositions.

Conclusion: Vannes through the eyes of a photographer

Vannes, with its rich historical heritage, seascapes and lush gardens, offers an infinite range of scenes for any photographer to capture. From the Port of Vannes to the majestic Cathedral of Saint-Pierre and the Jardin des Remparts, each site has its own story to tell through the lens. We hope this guide will inspire you to explore these wonders and create your own visual stories. Please feel free to share your discoveries and shots of Vannes, as each perspective is unique and enriches our vision of this magnificent city. Happy exploring and happy shooting!


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