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Nous vous recommandons de planifier votre travel bien à l’avance pour éviter les dépenses inutiles. Assurez-vous également d’avoir une liste de contrôle pour ne nothing to forget. Good organisation and preparation are the keys to a good holiday.

These are our top tips and the ultimate checklist to remember before you leave on holiday. If you visit one of our villages Ami Soleil, vous pourrez l’utiliser pour planifier votre travel.


In this pocket you can store your money.

  • Your identity cardor your passports.
  • Your driving licence.
  • Your voucher and papers for the accommodation booking. This will facilitate your registration and arrival.
  • Your house keys sont nécessaires pour le travel de retour. Cela vous évitera de les perdre pendant vos vacances.
  • Your health cardand your prescriptions for the usual treatments you need.
  • Your wallet containing your various means of payment. Cash is essential in case of emergency. Find out which means of payment are allowed on your holiday. Credit cards are not always accepted. Don't forget to bring your holiday vouchers. This is the perfect time to use them.

In the event of loss or flightWe recommend that you do the following a digital version. It is possible to save them in an e-mail, in a cloud, or in your photo gallery.

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You may also consider taking a photocopy of the papers to have a backup in case of loss or damage. flight de votre sac. Vous trouverez des pochettes de travel spéciales, discrètes et non visibles sous votre manteau. Cela vous permet de garder vos papiers importants à portée de main.


The first aid kit is often forgotten. It is useful for minor injuries, headaches and stomach aches. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you keep a few essentials in the bag.

  • of plasters of different sizes
  • from disinfectant
  • From medicines of paracetamol type to treat fever or pain.
  • A cream against blows from Arnica type.
  • Soothing sunburn cream like Biafine.
  • From medication for motion sickness.
  • Treatment for diarrhoea.
  • Soothing bite cream like Apaisyl.
  • A pair of small scissors
  • of compresses
  • a tweezers
  • from adhesive tape
  • of cotton pads
  • paper tissues


This kit limit your luggage. You don't have to take your whole bathroom with you! We don't always realise it, but all these toiletries take up space. So you have to limit yourself.

For liquid products, we recommend that you use small containers spécialement conçus pour le travel. Cela vous permettra from save space and you won't have to carry the big bottle of shampoo or soap. Don't forget the essentials!

  • Shower gel
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Eau de toilette or perfume
  • A misting machine or a fan
  • Your moisturising lotions for body and face
  • From sun creams (before and after the exhibition)
  • A scrub to exfoliate your skin
  • A antibacterial gel
  • From masks
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Your hairdressing products
  • From elastic bandss, the pliers
  • Waxing kit
  • Towels. We recommend towels made of microfiber for travel, as they are light and can be stored in a small space.
  • A flannel
  • Your toothbrush and your toothpaste
  • From cotton padss, the cotton buds
  • A small mirror
  • A nail clippers or a nail file
  • A detergent in travel size
  • If you go to the beach, a specific bag is needed for the clothing sales.
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For beauty, consider :

  • Your make-up in travel size
  • A make-up remover
  • Make-up remover pads
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover
  • The women's sanitary protection


It is important to separate your luggage into several categories. To do this, you can use organisers of suitcases. Or, you can simply insert pockets into your suitcases to improve your visibility and optimise thespace. You can, for example, have a separate pocket for your underwear and another for your jewellery. Another pocket would be for your shoes.

Plan your outfits in advance to avoid overspending.

There are many ways to organise your luggage and save space. The most common method is to roll up each v and to put it in the suitcase. You save space and don't wrinkle your clothes. Instead, roll the garment.

Finally, bring clothes that are not wrinkled. This will save you from having to iron your clothes on holiday.
Here are some items you should not forget to put in your luggage

  • underwear
  • socks
  • pyjamas
  • Slippers
  • Shoes (trainers, everyday shoes, flip-flops, flip-flops, evening shoes)
  • Comfortable everyday clothing (shorts and t-shirts, dresses, trousers and skirts)
  • party clothes (you can ask in advance if there are any theme parties you would like to attend).
  • sportswear
  • beachwear
  • swimwear bath
  • Accessories (bags and scarves, belts, bags, sunglasses ...)
  • jewellery
  • If the weather turns cold, you can use a jumper or a waistcoat.
  • A waterproof in depending on the weather
  • A hator a cap
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Be careful not to overfill your suitcase ! When shopping, you should always leave enough space for them to be put back in their original place.


You can take your connected objects avec vous pendant le travel, ou seulement pendant le travel.

  • From board games to share with family and friends
  • From chargers and game consoles are available if you want to take them with you on holiday.
  • card games
  • books
  • To keep your children busy and give you something to write about, you can use pencils of colour and markers.
  • If you are going with your family, take some of your toys favorite. You don't want to take too much of their playroom with you!
  • Recharge your mobile phones, your computer or your tablet.
  • A multi-socket
  • The camera with its rechargeable batteries
  • A external battery
  • Your helmet and your headphones

Plan your route in advance with the help of a GPS and a road map.

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