Tunisia is known for its ancient ruins Greek and Roman cities, but there is much more to see in the country. The Tunisian people are very welcoming and it's a great time to visit before the summer gets too hot.

Tunisia is a country that is often overlooked when people think of destinations It is a great place to travel, but it has a lot of hidden beauty. There are some great beaches to relax on, but travellers can also go hiking. hiking in the beautiful mountains or the trekking in the desert. The food and culture will also impress visitors - just be careful what you eat and drink and remember to always take your passport !

Travellers should not overlook Tunisia when planning their next trip as there is so much to see in this fascinating country.

What is the current situation in Tunisia?

Tunisia is the most popular tourist destination in North Africa. It has a wide variety of natural and cultural attractions and very friendly people.

The current situation in Tunisia remains relatively safe and stable, but it is important to remember that this can change at any time.

Tunisia is one of the destinations tourist Tunisia is one of the safest countries in North Africa, but that doesn't mean you can't find yourself in a risky situation. Tourists should always be cautious when travelling in Tunisia.

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How do I get around Tunisia?

In Tunisia, public buses are a cheaper and more reliable transport option. Taxis are not as common as buses and can be quite expensive. There is a lot of traffic in Tunis so watch out for delays.

The best way to get around Tunisia is by bus, as trains are unreliable and taxis can be expensive. If you want to avoid traffic jams, go early in the morning or late at night.

Where to stay in Tunisian hotels and resorts?

Planning a Tunisian holiday? Discover the best hotels and resorts in the country.

Tunisia is famous for its long white sandy beaches and its warm seas ideal for relaxation. In addition to its natural beauty, Tunisia also offers a variety of activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, quad biking on the sand dunes or golf.

Holidaymakers often enjoy visiting the ancient ruins of Carthage or exploring the souks of Monastir. However, they can also visit one of the many hotels in Tunisia to enjoy modern facilities such as spas and rooftop pools.

What is the weather like in Tunisia?

Tunisia has a warm and dry climate as it is located in the northern hemisphere. The average monthly temperature in Tunisia is between 24 and 34 degrees, which means that it is neither too cold nor too hot.

In Tunisia, there are two seasons - one wet season and a dry season. The rainy season lasts from November to March, while the dry season lasts from April to October. The best months to visit are between October and March as the weather is at its best!

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What clothes should I take for a holiday in Tunisia?

When planning clothes for the holidays, there are several things to consider. The climate, the season, the activities you will be doing and what you will be doing in your free time.

Tunisia has hot and dry summers, which means that it is best to bring light clothing like shorts and tank tops. You'll want to take some form of cover-up with you when you're out in the sun, as clothes don't provide much protection from the sun's rays.

Women should also take a mackintosh or poncho with them when it rains. These will ensure that you stay dry in any type of weather situation.

List of recommended clothes:

  • Underwear
  • Pyjamas
  • Clothing raincoat (K-way)
  • Jacket
  • Short
  • Sweatshirt
  • Backpack camping tunisia
  • Kit toiletries tunisia
  • Kit make-up tunisia
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