Whether you are called up for a first or a new OPEX, make sure you are well informed. After having obtained information about the duration, the weather, the vegetation, the culture from the army or from your colleagues. You can focus your attention on the checklist opex to take to complete your mission.

What should you wear?

When it comes to your clothing, you can easily take from your checklist opex sports gear, clothes, shoes and caps. Think of civilian clothes that will allow you to blend in.

There is also your swimming costume which will be useful if the context requires it, along with your sandals. A trellis suit, a tactical belt, tactical gloves, a UBAS shirt, a softshell jacket and a pair of rangers. Of course all this cannot be in your checklist opex and your underwear and socks are not there.

How can you ensure a good night's sleep?

Your sleeping material should be carefully made up. Start with a sleeping bagYou will need a mosquito net, sheets, an inflatable pillow, a liner poncho, a floor mat or air mattress, a patch glue and a hammock. Then have a mosquito net in your checklist opex to protect you from bugs. Finally, a good night's sleep also means a good night's sleep, so think about your kit toiletries. This will include a soap, a shampooToothpaste, two toothbrushes, a razor, deodorant, sunscreen and a mirror.

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What weapons and combat gear should be on your opex checklist?

Although the mission is out of the country, you cannot discard equipment such as the tactical waistcoat or the ballistic mask in your checklist opex. Take a magazine holder, a holster to hold your glock 17 pistol and all the accessories for your HK416. But also knee pads, elbow pads, goggles and hearing protection.

What documents do you need to have with you?

The administrative material of your checklist opex includes your opex folder, office supplies such as pen, paper, envelopes, stamps, markers, chargers, batteries and extension cord. Be sure to be able to identify yourself by your passportYou should also bring your military ID, photos, certificates or customs declarations. For all intents and purposes, don't hesitate to bring your laptop or a tablet and a hard drive or USB key. A wallet can help you keep your cash.

What other accessories are useful for your opex checklist?

For your hygiene, Marseilles soap, handkerchiefs, toilet paper and a towel sponge. The laundry bag, pins, string, detergent and a soft basin for your laundry. In your checklist opex, think of a torch, an alarm clock in addition to your phone, a water bag or a pocket. bottle and a folding wardrobe.

In addition, include in your checklist opex a pocket knife, canteen, headlamp, camouflage cream and weapon care kit. Anticipate possible health concerns with a mini pharmacy and a blood group identifier.

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It is not excluded that this checklist The list is not exhaustive, as it does not correspond exactly to your mission. Even if it gives you an overview, you can take more or less items depending on your expectations.

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