The desert of the Kalahari extends its territory over 900,000 km² of land between the Botswana and the Namibia. It is surrounded by the basins of the rivers Orange and Zambeziwhich border the desert from Namib to the south. This is the heart of the Kalahari Basin. This basin covers 2.5 million km2 and includes theAngolaof the Zambia and the Zimbabwe. The desert The Kalahari is semi-arid and arid. It is a wilderness that has been preserved and is home to people who have retained their ancestral customs.

The mystery of the Kalahari Desert ruins

The Canadian Gilarmi Farini was one of the first to explore the desert of the Kalahari. He did so in 1885. He tells us that he has found a " huge ruin "at its travel back. Farini didn't go there, but he wrote about it in Eight Months in the Kalahari.

Its history was rediscovered in the 1920 and fires the imagination. More than 25 shipments The search for the mysterious city has been underway since 1932 ! Despite their efforts, the city cannot be found, despite flights from the area. 1964 is the year in which A. John Clement became involved in the investigation. Farini's story was not true, and he concluded that the explorer had never reached the Kalahari. Farini's trail was not the one he had actually followed. He found a group of rocks massive mountains on the border of Namibia and South Africa. You can see a large oval amphitheatre and bingo walls!

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Except that man has no use for these 'constructions'. It is in fact a geological curiosity dating back 180 million years. It can be considered as evidence of an ancient city, because the blocks of eruptive rock have a very regular shape. Farini was able to find it. Mystery solved.

Must-do activities in the Kalahari Desert


There are more than 150 bird speciesThese include lesser and greater flamingos. Several species of antelope, including springbok antelope, greater kudu and oryx gazelle live in symbiosis. Zebra, ostrich and many species of reptiles can be seen, as well as other mammals such as meerkats and jackals, Cape foxes and nocturnal animals such as otocyons or aardvarks. Wildebeest, giraffes and the occasional elephant can also be seen. The endemic brown hyenas of desert are a beautiful long-haired species. But the king of the Kalahari is undoubtedly the lion. It is bigger, stronger and more majestic here than anywhere else.


Although there is not much vegetation throughout the year, it is best to discover the flora of the Kalahari after the first rains in October/early November. The Kalahari sand is capable of to separate and retain water because of its natural ability to do so. This type of sand can hold and trap water for long periods of time, even during short showers.

It is estimated that the Kalahari is home to over 400 plant speciesDespite its harsh climate, the region is very diverse. The dominant vegetation is grass, with shrubs and hardy trees in the south. The northern regions are dominated by tree and shrub savannah, with dense vegetation such as mopane. The soil of the Kalahari, located in the northeast of the desertis covered by forests.

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Safari Game Drive

The game drive is a key activity in the desert of the Kalahari. It allows you to go in search of animals. This activity can be done directly at the Kalahari Anib lodgewhere you can stay. It is offered at sunset in small groups.

You can observe many animals in the desert of the Kalahari. You can see giraffes and zebras as well as ostriches and springboks. The latter is the fastest antelope in AfricaIt also makes amazing vertical leaps. Cape elands as well as kudu, wildebeest, meerkats and many other birds. It is amazing to see these animals in their natural habitat.

It is already wonderful to walk through the magnificent landscapes from desert of the Kalahari, but it is even more amazing to see the animals in their natural habitat. The gigantic nests of the Social Republicans are a highlight of the route. They can accommodate over 300 birds.

The walk ends on a dune where you can observe the sunset. This is a truly magical moment that we recommend you experience if you visit the Kalahari. The sunset on the beach from red sand is spectacular and the sky is full of colour. It is even more spectacular if you add the small aperitif that the lodge organises.

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