Khor al Adaid is located at the southern end of the Qatar. Khor al Adaid, also known as inland seaThis is probably the most beautiful place in Qatar.

A desert of sand and dunes stretches to the horizon at the southern tip of Qatar, just a few kilometres from its border with Iraq.Saudi Arabia. These dunes are unique because they have a special feature... These dunes are so deep that the sea can sink for kilometres. This is the source of Qatar's inland sea (Khor al Adaid).

It is a truly magical landscape. This landscape is even more spectacular than the sand dunes of the coast when it touches the desert.

I find the unique landscapes of Qatar's inland sea to be must-haves. It would be a shame not to visit Khor al Adaid during your visit to Qatar.

We offer some practical tips to help you enjoy the desert landscape.

Some tips for visiting Khor al Adaid

The dress code for a desert safari varies depending on the season and the day. It is important to cover up at least the head. Respect the premises, do not wear miniskirts or shorts. Take a garment warm to cover yourself in case of wind or cool nights.

In December, the weather was about 24 degrees CelsiusBut the wind was strong. You can also do this safari in the morning. Depending on the location of your accommodation, the return to the hotel may be around 7 p.m..

How to get to Khor al Adaid?

The Last 20 kilometres to Khor al Adaid pass through sand dunes.

Driving in the sand requires a lot of experience. It's not enough to let the air out of your tyres and go on an adventure. It is easy to get lost, to get stuck in the sand, or even worse.

If you have no experience of driving in the dunes, don't venture into the desert of Qatarwhich leads to the inland ocean. It's not just about driving on a sandy track. It is also about crossing dunes.

You can also get stuck in the sand in some parts of the Inland Sea.

It is strongly recommended that you book an excursion with a agency which will provide you with a 4×4 vehicle and a guide. You can book your 4×4 tour to Khor al Adaid online. Even if you only plan to stay a few days in Qatar, it is advisable. You have 2 options to get to Khor al Adaid:

  • Take a 4×4 vehicle from Doha to Khor al Adaid
  • Take a 4×4 vehicle from Doha to Khor al Adaid in camel back

If you choose the second option, be aware that the camel ride takes place at the edge of the desert and not on its edge. As I mentioned, access to the inland sea is difficult and there is very little at the edge of Khor al Adaid. The camp where the camels live is therefore located on the edge of the desert. The camel ride takes place in the sand dunes, but not at the water's edge.

These excursions have a fixed price which depends on the number of people booked. If you are travelling alone, you can book the excursion and you will be accompanied by the guide/driver.

Visit the Khor al Adaid inland sea

If you could get the same services at a much lower priceYou would certainly consider it! Doha's Al Khor Desert is well worth a visit. You can organise ahalf a day.

Want to take your time, relax and enjoy the desert landscape? You are absolutely right, you can do it! You can arrange a two-day private tour of the Al Khor desert and an overnight stay in a camping. It will be a memorable experience to wake up at the sunrise.

The Al Khor desert is a place unique. It is unlike any other. Its beauty will leave you speechless. The inland sea of Khor Al Adaid is a bonus.

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