The Isles of Scillyalso known as Sorlingues, are an archipelago of approximately 146 islands and islets of the Celtic Sea. They are located in the west-southwest of the Lizard in Cornwallwhich is only 45 km away.

The Isles of Scilly, off the coast of Cornwall, are a paradise with their fine sandy beaches and their lagoons blue. This site is known for its natural beauty and its marine park, which you can explore with your family.

The largest island in the archipelago: St Mary's

The boat arrives at St Marys which is the largest island in the archipelago with a maximum width of 5 km and extends over 15 km coastline. Garrison Hill is separated from the main part of the island by a narrow isthmus which is bordered by two sandy beaches.

Hugh Town is a lively little town with many shops, restaurants, bars and artists' studios. The harbour is the departure point for boats to the other islands.

St. Marys can easily be explored by bike. It can be done in one day. There are 30 km of trails that connect the dunes with sea rushes and deaneriesheather moors, flower fields, ponds and woodlands where you can see butterflies and other migratory birds.

There is very little to do on the island except to relax and enjoy this beautiful place. On your walks, look for the burial chamber of Bants Carn and Halangy Down. It is about archaeological sites that reveal evidence of a civilisation Neolithic or theBronze Age. The tower Buzza offers a breathtaking view of the islands and the Scilly Islands which traces the history of the island.

The Gigs race is a small six-oar canoe race that takes place in St Marys on Wednesday and Friday evenings throughout the summer. In recent years, the sport has undergone a revival and has become a world championship in May.

How to get to the archipelago?

The Sorlingues can surprise you with their wide range of island getaways and day trips. Isles of Scilly Travel offers a wide variety of excursions by boat and flights from Cornwall. There is something for everyone.

The aircraft of the company Skybus

Skybus is the quickest way to reach Sorlingues. Skybus offers scheduled airport transfers and a personalised service that will make you feel like you're flying in a private plane. The magnificent Cornish coastline will be visible from Exeter, Newquay or Lands End. The shortest flights last only 15 minutes, and you will want to stay on your plane.

The Scillonian ferry

The ferry Scillonian provides a link between Penzance and the island of St. Mary's and takes approximately three hours depending on tides and weather conditions. There are many Cornish landmarks to see, including the Minack Theatre, St. Michaels Mount and Mousehole. If you are lucky, you may see marine animals such as seals, basking sharks and dolphins.

Kate and William's place of escape

The Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to spend their family holidays à TrescoThis is not a coincidence, as Prince Charles has a holiday home, the Isles of Scilly, for the second year in a row. This is no coincidence, as Prince Charles owns a holiday home, the Dolphin House. The island has 175 inhabitants and the Dolphin House is a large stone house overlooking the sea. The house can be rented from 5,900 euros per week for those with a little more budget.

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