Need to recharge your batteries? What could be better than a weekend with family or even friends in a center park. The latter is a combination of villages which offers short stays nature. Whatever the choice of the domain center parkThe doors are always open, regardless of the season. It is important to know that the prices of the stay depend on the period.

The different French center parcs areas

There are six centres in total parks in France. They are located in the heart of the Sologne, next to ParisThis gives you the opportunity to make a choice adapted to your needs. This gives you the opportunity to make a choice adapted to your needs.

The Normandy Les Bois Francs centre park

It is ideally located if you want to make a getaway in Normandy. This center park vous édifiera sur le patrimoine historique et culturel de la Normandie. C’ est donc l’endroit approprié pour un weekend éducatif.

Le Bois aux Daims centre park in Poitiers

The center park The Bois aux Daims will plunge you into the heart of a 260-hectare forest and animal park. There are more than 40 species of animals. Nature lovers will be won over.

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The Village Nature Paris centre park

It is one of the largest parks Europe's largest water sports centre. Close to Disneyland ParisChildren will be able to enjoy it. Thanks to its aquatic varieties, it will immerse you in the heart of nature.

Le Lac d'Ailette centre park in Laon

It is situated on the edge of a lake of about 140 hectares. It offers a wide range ofwater activities. This is just perfect for your relaxation.

Les Hauts de Bruyère centre park in Sologne

It is located in the heart of the Loire castles of Chambord and Cheverny. You will discover a vast cultural heritage. It will allow the whole family to get together and visit the region.

Les Trois Forêts centre park

Located in Moselle, it is in the heart of a majestic pine forest. You will be seduced not only by the forest, but also by the sustainable cottages and the large farm. You can breathe the fresh air of nature away from your daily routine.

The quality of the accommodation and the activities of the center park

Before making any reservation, you should choose your accommodation option. Thanks to the plan available online, you will be able to choose one while taking into account your budget and your expectations. center park offers carefully prepared accommodation for the enjoyment of guests.

With regard to activities à center parkThey depend on the field chosen. Nevertheless, there are activities such as aqua mundo. They can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. There's something for everyone, young and old alike.

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