The little Bendor Islandwith an area of 7 hectaresis located in 150 m south of Bandol. It can be reached by boat in a few minutes.

Paul Ricard bought the island in 1950 and transformed it into a small village with a rich artistic heritage.

Some of the works of famous sculptors or painters have been left there. The monolith of Botinellyentitled " No good without suffering" will be your first sight when you arrive on the island.

The main accommodation facilities are located on the eastern side of the island, the Deloswhich is a tribute to Italian architecture, and the Palace.

The Museum of wines and spirits is open to the public free of charge in July and August. The museum of advertising objects Paul-Charles Ricard takes you back in time.

The art gallery of the museum of painting, whose entrance is marked by beautiful colonnades and its entrance, hosts new exhibitions every year.

A concrete path is enough to go around the island. There are many beautiful beaches and turquoise waters.

Diving enthusiasts can discover the amazing resources surrounding the archipelago.

The island of Bendor, completed by the island of Embiez, forms the Paul Ricard islands.

L'Embiez Island is famous for its green landscape, its creeks as well as its rocks sculpted by the sea and its clear seabed. The traffic here is very limited.

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More 300 species of flowers are present on its 95 hectares. Some wildlife species have also been preserved: Pines Aleppo. Arbutus trees. Succulents. Vines, creepers, flowers, clumps, bushes. But also majestic oaks. According to the League for the Protection of Birds, the Embiez houses 90% of all known Mediterranean plant species. This has earned it the eco-label " Blue Flag" .

The island of Les Embiez is a member of the European network Natura 2000. This network includes more than 1,700 French land and marine sites known for the fragility and rarity of their natural environments. A nature trail with thematic panels allows you to discover the surrounding nature of the island on foot or by bike.

Many activities are available on the island of Bendor.

You will be spoilt for choice. As a tribute to its founder, the Ricard Museum of promotional items is a must. You can also visit the art gallerywhich presents the works of Paul Ricard.

Behind this businessman is a painter emeritus. His portraits on canvas are vivid and realistic. His paintings also include still lifes and landscapes.

The exhibition of wines and spirits presents a unique collection of 8000 wines. There are also models of distilleries, glassware, labels and menus highlighting the best wines. You will also find jewellery and basket making workshops in the designer village. You will often be accompanied by statues on your walks around the island.

However, art reigns supreme in Bendor. Relaxation is also an option. Relaxation sessions can be arranged in a massage shop. You can also practice water activities as the kayakthe veil and the diving. These activities are supervised by professionals. A short stopover on the fine sandy beaches will complete this memorable visit.

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A return to fitness on the island of Bendor.

The island of Bendor is now asleep. The beautiful island was closed for five years of rehabilitation. 5 years ban on access to the island, including for private boats and activities tourist.

Work, construction, new project... To find out more about this closure, and especially about what lies ahead, visit the website dedicated to this island.

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