If you are looking for an island where you will spend your holidays or do some tourism, then this is for you. Madagascar Island. You need to make a list to know exactly what you will need to enjoy your time of relaxation.

What should the travel list for Madagascar contain?

If you've heard of an island paradise, it was probably Madagascar. This country is a whole island. To get there, you'll need a few things to make the most of your time.

Beach accessories

As Madagascar is an island, there is no shortage of beaches on this side. You will therefore need to put a swimming costume, sunglasses, sun cream and many other items at the top of your list. Taking advantage of the many leisure activities that Madagascar's beaches have to offer is not to be missed.


Like most African countries, the island of Madagascar has two seasons: a dry season and a rainy season. So, if you want to do tourism there, it is important to know what the climate is like for put in your suitcase the right clothes.

Cameras for filming

Coming home and showing your friends or family the joy of your holiday somewhere in the world is always satisfying. To do this, you need to include a camera and a video camera in your list of things to remember about your holiday.

A foldable bag

Keeping souvenirs of an adventure is essential for all tourists. So remember to pack a collapsible bag in your travel bag so that you can keep the things you think are important. You can put seashells or prayers in it.

Where to go in Madagascar

Madagascar abounds in a multitude of tourist sites for the benefit of all those who want to go sightseeing. These places are diverse, depending on whether they are cultural, historical or geographical.

The monuments

Madagascar has several monuments that you can visit once you're there. Most of these monuments are historical, which makes them even more attractive. These include the royal palace of Manjakamiadana.

The parks

The island of Madagascar has dozens of parks. So see the animals wild is not a problem if you want to take a tour. The animals of Africa are well represented. There is the ANDASIBE-MANTADIA national park and the Tsingy de Bemaraha national park.

Natural areas

The natural areas are as diversified as the other tourist places. You have the blue hill of AMBOHIMANGAS which plunges you into an African nature that very few have the chance to discover.

Sightseeing is a great idea when you want to explore for fun or for other reasons. However, you will need a good list of things to put in your travel bag.

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