The Agriates Desert is located at northern Corsica and covers a total of 15,000 hectares. It is located between the mountains and the sea. It is in fact a wild peninsula that combines rocky ridges with valleys dotted with Mediterranean maquis. Streams sometimes run through the vegetation. It has been used for transhumance throughout history.

A desert climate

The Agriates desert is a 40 km desert of sand. It also has an unspoilt coastline visible from space. The sand is covered with small ponds and rocky cliffs. The desert is an impenetrable landscape and you will not find any houses or towns except along the road. Many Mediterranean plants and trees such as the heathers, the cistss, the myrtles and the olive treesand maritime pine date back at least to the plantations of the 20th century. Wildlife can find refuge in the agricultural plains, copses and meadows. You can organise your visit to the Agriates Desert to discover a landscape that is seldom visited. Because of its unspoilt coastal expanse, the Agriates Desert is a popular destination for adventurous tourists. It is 35 km long. You'll see corsican shepherds They have been known to walk around this area with their goats and pigs.

Activities that can be carried out

A 4×4 ride in the Agriates desert

It is difficult to drive your car because of the dirt tracks ccutters of the Agriates desert. You will have to make a excursion a day in 4×4 to explore this beautiful region and enjoy the diversity of the landscape. Be aware that this trip can cause back problems. It is not an easy road!

Many of the circuits include a stop at the beach of Salecciaat the beach of Lotu and to Fiume Santo.

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A hike in the Agriates desert

The Agriates Desert is the most protected natural site in the Corsican coast. No construction is allowed on these 15,000 hectares of wild lands. Only wise cows live on the beaches. Respect this fragile and unspoilt nature.

If the boat is the fastest and most pleasant way to reach the beaches, hikers will enjoy discovering the Agriates Desert on foot along mythical hiking trails such as the Coastal pathway, or the Customs Officers' Trail. This 35-kilometre long trail takes you to the beach of the Roya, à Saint-Florent. It takes you through Lotu and Saleccia in only 5h30. You will then continue to the beach of Ghignuand finally you will reach Ostriconi. To go along the beautiful coast of the Agriates, it is necessary to count 15 hours of walking. You can alternate between hiking and swimming in the turquoise waters along this superb promenade. Click here for a full programme to visit South Corsica in 1 week

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