A secret and hidden jewel lies at the edge of the Agriates Desert. Only locals and informed visitors know about it. It is home to two of the most beautiful beaches of the North Corsica. These are the beaches of Lotu and SalecciaThey are remote and relatively unspoilt. They are remote and relatively unspoilt, giving them a unique charm that is difficult to find elsewhere in Mediterranean. These unspoilt gems are well worth a visit in Corsica. These beaches of Agriates may require a little more effort and courage, but the rewards are worth it. Here is a short guide to the beautiful beaches of Lotu and Saleccia.

Lotu Beach

The Lotu beach is located north of the Corsica in the Agriates Desert. This beach is located in the Gulf Saint-Florent. It is known for its high concentration of bottlenose dolphins. The beach is spectacular: 400m of white sandThe water is crystal clear and breathtakingly blue, and the rocks are home to a wealth of aquatic life. The surrounding area offers breathtaking views. The view from Saint-Florent is visible in the distance, with the mountains of Cap Corse behind. This adds to the beauty and charm of the beach. It's easy to swim in the ocean, and there's very little charge. You're also likely to come across cows sunning themselves on the sand, which is a great change of scenery! The marshy area behind the beach is home to two small ponds, the Lotto and the Panecalellu.

Beach of Saleccia

The Saleccia beach once housed the submarines that supplied the Resistance during the World War II. Its hidden location was perfect for the clandestine operations. This fine white sandy beach ofone kilometre Today, this long stretch of beach welcomes only intrepid visitors and the occasional chocolate-coloured cow for a stroll or a siesta. You'll find a charming little snack bar in the pines at the northern end of the beach. Look for the post above the trees.

The white sandy beach stretches over more than one kilometre. It is a mixture of amazing colours and shapes, including sand dunes, desert rocks, turquoise waters and the mountains of the Cap Corse. This beach is more open to the sea, so you can get bigger waves. The beach is rarely crowded as there is no direct road. Avoid it at weekends as the locals frequent it. Anecdote: In 1961scenes from the Normandy landings were filmed for " The longest day " !

Hiking at the Lotu and Saleccia beaches

The coastal path allows you to follow the entire coastline of the Agriates Desert from the beach. These trails are very easy to follow and quite enjoyable. On the way you will find amazing landscapes and beautiful creeks where you can refresh yourself for a well-deserved break. The walk to Saleccia is well worth the effort. It allows you to explore the rocks and the coastline. You will find another amazing beach once you reach the end.

You can also find beautiful abandoned beaches and coves if you head to Saint-Florent. Try the adventure!

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