The canoeing to gorges du Verdon is one of the most popular activities. This article will provide you with some useful tips to help you prepare for your trip and will show you the best places to canoe in the Gorges du Verdon.

The Gorges du Verdon are one of the most beautiful natural sites from France. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit the most large canyon of Europe. They come to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and also to do many different activities on land and in the air.


Where to rent a canoe in the Gorges du Verdon?

canoeing in the verdon gorges

We recommend that you plan your canoe trip well in advance. This will allow you to make the most of the river experience Verdon.

Online, you will find numerous providers that offer boat rental and excursions in the gorges du Verdon with loan of equipment.

It is best to visit their websites and compare their prices. While the prices are not identical, the routes may differ, ranging from the most basic to one that allows you to explore the site in more detail.

You can also do some of the gorges of the Verdon, such as the low gorges. L'route can be modified according to your level ofexperience From beginners to experienced paddlers!

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Find out about possible starting points. You can paddle on the Lake Sainte Croix in the high gorges and the Verdon if you start from Galetas bridge.

You can sail on the lake of Quinson in the lowlands gorges. They are less impressive, but just as beautiful, and less popular.

If you plan to travel to Moustier Sainte MarieFor example, you can choose your starting point based on your accommodation.

To avoid queuing, book in advance, whichever you choose. Once there, the instructors will take care of your sailing needs and teach you the basics.

How much does it cost to hire a canoe in the Gorges du Verdon?

canoeing in the verdon gorges

The rates vary depending on the provider, time, place and type of boat. You can hire by the hour, half day or day:

  • On average, a rental at thetime will cost you between 10€ and 15€
  • If you wish to rent a canoe at the half dayYou will have to pay between 25€ and 40€
  • From 60€you can treat yourself to a excursion to the day in addition to transport to the location.

These prices therefore include rental and sometimes transport to the site.

The price of a boat rental does not depend on the number of people you rent it to. The rental of a boat for 4 people is therefore more affordable than the rental of 4 boats for one person.

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When is the best time to canoe in the Gorges du Verdon?

canoeing in the verdon gorges

You will need to have good weather to enjoy your excursion by canoe along the Verdon river. Although summer is the best time to practice this activity, you can also rent boats and have a great time from spring to autumn, i.e. between April and November.

You can go canoeing in the Gorges du Verdon during the summer season. This is the best time to take advantage of the best weather but also when the crowds are at their peak. I recommend that you plan your excursion at springin autumn or the early summer if you want to explore this amazing natural site in a more leisurely way.

Even in summer, it is possible to be more relaxed if you start your activity early in the morning.

You should always check the weather forecasts before booking a rental. The rentals canoeing may be closed in winter if the weather is not favourable.

Which course to choose?

Canoeing and kayaking in the Gorges du Verdon allows you to dive into the heart of several millennia ofgeological history. This canyon was therefore created in an extraordinary setting. The excursions nautical usually start in the lower parts of the GorgesThey then follow the current until they reach the magnificent lake of They then follow the current until they reach the beautiful lake ofEsparron and its beautiful beaches.

We recommend that you look around while the water is flowing. There are many amazing caves on the site. The most impressive caves to see are the Sainte Maxime and the treasure map.

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Your canoe rental could also take you to the mysterious Bat Cave. You can see its mysterious inhabitants as you approach. We recommend that you look up at the cliffs. The amazing Inca House is perched on the highest point of the canyon.

You now know everything you need to know about renting a canoe kayak in the Gorges du Verdon. Have fun!

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