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Barcelona, the vibrant capital of Cataloniais a fascinating destination for fans of motorhome. With its unique blend of culture, history and sun-drenched beaches, the city offers plenty of opportunities to explore in style. motorhome. In this article, we present you with a complete guide to the motorhome in Barcelona, as well as advice to make the most of your stay. Get ready to discover this magnificent Mediterranean city in a unique and practical way.

Motorhome parks in Barcelona :

Barcelona has a number of motorhome well-equipped to welcome travellers in motorhome. Here are some of the best motorhome of the region :

a) Montjuïc caravan park :

Located near the Montjuïc hillThe area offers panoramic views over the city and easy access to attractions such as the Olympic Park and Montjuïc Castle.

b) Sant Miquel motorhome park :

Ideally located near Sant Miquel beach, this area allows you to enjoy the sun and sea all within easy reach of Barcelona city centre.

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c) Barcelona Hills motorhome park :

Nestling in the hills surrounding Barcelona, this area offers a peaceful, natural environment, while being well connected to the city centre by public transport.

Activities in Barcelona by Motorhome :

Exploring Barcelona by motorhomeYou'll have the freedom to discover all the treasures the city has to offer. Here are just a few activities must-haves to include in your itinerary:

a) Visit to the Sagrada Família :

The emblematic basilica designed by architect Antoni Gaudí is an architectural gem not to be missed. Admire its unique architecture and climb up to the towers for a panoramic view of the city.

b) Walk along Las Ramblas :

This famous pedestrian avenue is bustling day and night. Stroll past flower stalls, street performers and cafés to soak up Barcelona's lively atmosphere.

c) Exploring the Gothic Quarter :

Lose yourself in the narrow, historic streets of the Gothic Quarter. Discover medieval buildings, picturesque squares and original shops.

d) Relaxing on the beaches of Barceloneta :

Make the most of the sun and sea by visiting the Barceloneta beachesone of the city's most popular. Hire bikes or paddle boards for even more fun.

Campsites in Barcelona :

If you prefer stay in a camping while having your motorhome Barcelona also offers a selection of campsites welcoming. Here are a few examples:

a) Camping Barcelona :

Located just 12 km from the city centre, this camping offers locations for motorhome with all the services you need. Take advantage of the swimming pool, restaurant and activities organised.

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b) Campsite 3 Estrellas :

Located near the beach, this camping offers locations spacious accommodation for motorhomes, as well as modern facilities and easy access to public transport.

c) Camping El Masnou :

Located outside Barcelona, in Masnou, this camping offers a peaceful setting close to the sea. You can enjoy the beach while being close to the city by public transport.


Barcelona is an exciting destination to explore by motorhome. With its motorhome well-equipped campsites accueillants et ses nombreuses attractions, la ville offre une expérience unique pour les voyageurs en quête de liberté et de découvertes. Profitez de la riche culture, de l’histoire fascinante et de la vie urbaine animée de Barcelone lors de votre prochaine adventure in motorhome.


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