The ethnic diversity of the Seychellois is sometimes reflected in its cuisine. You can see a French, African, Indian, but also Chinese influence. This is what makes it so tasty. The use of various spices and herbs, but also of unusual ingredients attracts curiosity. So, to make a success of your taste escapade in SeychellesHere are some typical dishes to try during your stay.

The Coco carii

Spices play an important role in Seychelles' gastronomy. This is especially evident in the aptly named "Carii Coco". This is a curry speciality that is prepared with beef and fish meat. It is particularly tasty because it is cooked with a thick coconut cream. You can enjoy this dish in any restaurant on the island. This is definitely one of the dishes you should try during a trip to the Seychelles.

Shark chutney

If you want to try something unusual during your stay in the Seychelles, don't miss the Shark Chutney. This is made from shark meat that is cut into small pieces and then boiled. It is then seasoned with lemon juice, salt, pepper, turmeric, fried onions and bilimbi (a very tasty local fruit). Also known as "chatini rekin", it is usually served as an appetizer. In addition, it is a common specialty in Seychelles restaurants. So you can order it whenever you like.

Clam chowder

Fishing is a very popular activity for the locals. As a result, the island is full of marine resources. If you are a seafood lover, there is a soup that you might like. It is called clam soup. You will find it on the menu of every restaurant in the archipelago. 

Clam soup is undoubtedly one of the tastiest dishes offered in this selection. It is prepared with fresh clams, tomato, ginger and garlic. Its preparation can be quite simple. That said, it is guaranteed to taste great, starting with the broth.

Bat stew

Even more curious than the shark, this specialty is also worth trying during your a journey to discover the cuisine of the Seychelles. As the name suggests, it is a curry made from bat meat. Also, you should know that this typical Creole dish is very popular with the locals. So why not try it? 

The rougaille

It is considered more of a side dish than a dish in itself. That said, the tomato sauce with spices and herbs that is rougaille is a real delicacy. On your holiday, it is served with meat or fish. The recipe is very simple. You can therefore make it again when you return home to share Creole cuisine with your family and friends. 

Heart of palm salad

The locals also call it the "millionaire's salad". It is prepared with fresh hearts of palm. If you have ever tried the canned version, you will find that it is much better when it is fresh. It is also seasoned with oil, pepper and lime. From the selection of dishes on offer, it is advisable to try this one at least once during your a trip to discover the gastronomy of the Seychelles.

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Meta-description : A gustatory escapade in Seychelles is a unique experience not to be missed during a stay in the archipelago. Let's go and discover the typical dishes.

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