Travelling with luggage you've finally realised that you can make a complete minimalist list to get rid of everything you don't need in your bag. No matter how long your trip is going to last, there's a way of taking only the essentials with you. The best way is to determine what is essential for you. To make your journey easier, don't forget to opt for this Ryanair small luggage 40x20x25.

How to determine the essential elements for a complete minimalist list?

Over time, most travellers are embracing the concept of travelling light. If you, too, are beginning to find your bags too big or too heavy, it's time for you to determine what is really essential for you. Making a complete minimalist list is about making a list of items essential depending on your destination.

It can be very difficult to make such a list. It is about shoes and clothes, toiletries and electronics to take with you on your trips. This list should establish a base for all your future trips. You can then add variable items depending on your destination, the length of the trip and the weather.

Complete minimalist list: choice of clothes and shoes

Avoid filling your bag with clothes just because they are nice clothes. The highest probability is that you will not wear them. Prioritise versatile clothes that you can easily wear every day and on every occasion. Focus on dark colours that are easy to combine. Especially avoid single-use clothes. Choose fabric that dries easily.

When choosing your shoes, choose shoes that go easily with the clothes you have chosen. Two or three pairs of lightweight shoes that are easy to carry, wash and dry. Avoid bulky shoes such as hiking boots unless they are really necessary.

Minimalist complete list: which bag to choose?

There are urges that are difficult to control. The bigger your bag, the more you will want to fill it. What you need to know is that you will always choose items according to the size of your travel bag. Once you have made your list, ask yourself some good questions: what size bag will these essentials fit into?

The answer to this question will help you decide which bag to choose. Give priority to bags that you can take into the cabin. Choose a bag that will hold both your electronics and the clothes mentioned above. If, for example, you don't think your laptop will be useful on this trip, just leave it at home.

For a long time, you took all your belongings with you on your travels, and it was only when you were confronted with the inconveniences of the metro, buses, cable cars and trains that you realised your mistake. Hence the need for a complete minimalist list.

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