Going on a trip is not always easy. Whether it's a holiday or a business trip, it's important to know what to pack. put in your suitcase for a good preparation. Tahiti is a country where this formula is necessary, especially to avoid being overloaded with things you won't need. Otherwise, you may forget the essentials. Find here the checklist for a trip to Tahiti.

Things to consider for a good Tahiti holiday list

There are several factors to consider when planning what clothes to pack for a trip to Tahiti. First of all, you need to find out about the weather in Tahiti from the weather forecast to know what type of clothes to bring. You can take either heavy or light clothing, depending on the season. The type of clothing also depends on the type of trip, whether you want to hike or stay put.

This type of trip also determines the type of luggage to take. A backpack for hiking or a suitcase if you are staying on site. Another factor that determines the clothing is the duration of the trip, which in principle concerns the amount of clothing to bring. From this detail, you should take a bag for dirty clothes and a compressible luggage organizer.

Clothes and shoes to include in your Tahiti holiday list

You can take rainwear, a jacket for the cold, shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts. Don't forget your underwear, pyjamas and a spare for unforeseen circumstances, shorts and sweatshirts. And don't forget something appropriate for an evening out or a dinner party. When it comes to footwear, opt for closed-toe shoes such as tennis shoes for hikes, for good protection. Sandals are ideal for staying put, but this is important whatever type of trip you're on.

Holiday List Toiletries for Tahiti

For your grooming, prepare your toiletries kit, which will include a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. You'll also need soap, shampoo, face wash, nail clippers, cotton buds and tweezers. Add make-up, deodorant, hair comb, razor, shaving foam, biodegradable wipes and a roll of toilet paper to keep you feeling clean. Towels will also come in handy.

Other accessories to take into account in your Tahiti holiday list

Depending on the activities you plan to do in Tahiti, you'll need to pack a few things to help you. For camping, you'll need a sleeping bag, a sheet and mosquito repellent. If you're going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, you'll need sun cream. You might also want to pack a first-aid kit and some medicines to treat common ailments such as diarrhoea, seasickness and headaches.

The Swiss Army knife, sunglasses, travel pillow, sleeping mask and earplugs will all contribute to your comfort. Gadgets such as headphones or earphones, a camera for taking memories and a spare battery.

Useful documents for a trip to Tahiti

In addition to documents such as a passport, identity card, etc., the visa etc., which will be a pass for you on the plane, it will be useful for you to have some reading material or magazines. These will give you more information about the country you are going to and the activities to do there. This will save you time. It is important to remember that taking out insurance in your country is a good way of preventing anything from happening.

You now know the essentials for your Tahiti Holiday List. There's nothing better than making a checklist and ticking it off as you pack. Not only will this ensure that you don't forget anything, it will also help you balance the space in your bag by tidying things up properly.

Polynesia cruise: the ideal way to discover the region

If you now know what to pack, you still have to choose the mode of transport and accommodation on site. If you want to travel to the different islands, without having to manage different hotel or gite reservations, why not organise your holiday for a cruise in French Polynesia ? Although this option may seem a little expensive at first, it has many advantages: by travelling on a boat, you can move from one island to another, enjoy the pleasures of sailing in a setting heavenlyYou'll be able to enjoy the accommodation and catering on board. So all you have to worry about is relaxing and enjoying the various activities on offer.

Because, if you didn't know it, a cruise is not only limited to navigation and stopovers, since by booking your cruise on certain sites, such as Voyages d'Exception, you will have access to a whole range of activities, such as

  • Visits of emblematic places by 4×4;
  • Kayak trips;
  • Boat trips to lagoons;
  • Snorkelling.
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