What you should take with you when you travel with your baby or your child can vary depending on factors such as where you're travelling, the length of your stay, the child's age and the type of activities you'll be doing.

If you are travelling for more than a day with your baby or toddler, it is recommended that you carry all their belongings in a pram. This includes nappies, wipes, clothing for different weather conditions, snacks and water bottles.

For babies over six months, they must have their own seat on the plane, which is usually required on planes with more than one row of seats.

A list of what not to forget when travelling includes things like dummies, toys that make noise (not electronics), medication for infants and children.

Here's a list of items you may want to take with you when you travel. This list is not exhaustive and it is up to you to add other items according to your personal needs. A reasonable, lightweight suitcase should weigh around 15 kg, so make sure it doesn't exceed the baggage weight limit at the airport.

Before going on holiday with a baby or child

  • Check passport expiry date
  • Vaccinations : Polio, Malaria, Typhoid, Typhus...
  • Check the vaccinations to be done according to the country

Documents to have on holiday with a baby or child

  • Passport, visas, identity card
  • Tickets (aircraft(train, boat, bus...) return journey
  • Copies of all official documents (passport, licence, flight ticket)
  • Vaccination booklet according to destination

What to wear on holiday with a baby or child

  • 2 bodysuits per day
  • Pyjamas
  • Shorts, trousers
  • Packages
  • Dresses, t-shirts
  • Panties
  • Hats, caps, bonnets
  • Shoes
  • Jumper (to keep for the plane)
  • Waistcoat, pancho, jacket
  • Socks
  • Coverage
  • Gloves
  • Sleeping bag

The essentials for feeding a baby or child on holiday

There are a few things parents should bear in mind when packing for a trip with their children. The most important thing is not to pack too many clothes. Parents should dress their children in layers and pack fewer clothes than they think they'll need, as children will grow up quickly and it can be difficult to predict how much they'll wear for a day.

The other essential element is food. Parents should pack snacks, but more importantly, they should pack a cooler full of food that will stay cold for about 24 hours. It is best to have lots of different types of food so that if your child doesn't like something one day, he or she can eat something else the next.

  • Bibs 100% plastic or silicone
  • Short flank steak between meals
  • Bottle brush
  • Spoon and fork
  • Milk powder
  • Compartment box for milk doses
  • Feeding bottles (provide 2 just in case)
  • Baby bottle warmer
  • Food
  • Small bottle/water bottle with straw for travel
  • Sterilisation tablets
  • Meal kit with plate, bowl and bamboo tumbler
  • Water bottle

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The essentials for the hygiene of a baby or child on holiday

There are many things to consider when deciding what to pack for a holiday with a baby or child. The most crucial is the child's hygiene and the next is to ensure that the child can enjoy his or her stay in a high hygiene environment.

Some countries, such as Italy, France and China, have very strict rules on what is allowed in hotels and restaurants. So it's important to know before you leave abroad with your little one. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises or misunderstandings.

  • Toothpaste (in the hold)
  • Toothbrush
  • Shower product (in the hold)
  • Bath thermometer
  • Saline solution (in the hold)
  • Antiseptic cream (in the hold)
  • Other medications (e.g. homeopathy for toothache)
  • Moisturising cream (in the hold)
  • Pain relieving suppositories
  • Glycerin Suppositories
  • Diaper cream or cotton buds
  • Nappies (5-6 per day)
  • Waterproof nappies for the pool / sea
  • Garbage bags (for dirty nappies)
  • Wipes
  • Talc
  • Potty or toilet seat
  • Misting device for hot days
  • Towel
  • Total screen 50
  • Special baby/children's cotton buds
  • Brush

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Things to remember too!

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  • The comforter(s) and a duplicate if possible
  • Socket covers
  • Sunglasses
  • Chew toys / games
  • Plush toy
  • Baby monitor
  • 2 teats
  • 2 teat clips
  • Pram
  • Baby bottle warmer
  • Swimming costume
  • Baby buoy
  • Mosquito net
  • Front or back carrier
  • Play mats
  • Changing mat
  • Nightlight
  • Breast pump if used
  • Inflatable bathtub if required
  • Changing bag
  • Her/his favourite little history book(s)

What's the ideal child's suitcase for travelling?

As well as the joys and discoveries of travelling, it also requires meticulous preparation, especially when you're going away with children. The choice of children's suitcase deserves special attention, as it must combine practicality, sturdiness and aesthetics. So how do you choose the perfect suitcase for your little ones? Find out here the best suitcases for children for a trip of 1 to 3 weeks! 

First of all, manoeuvrability is essential. Young travellers, curious and often impatient, need a suitcase they can easily drag behind them. Multi-directional castors and an adjustable handle are essential to give them independence without compromising their comfort or safety. Let's not forget that a child who is proud to carry his own suitcase will also be a child who is more involved in the journey and will be more likely to take part in it. more attentive to his business.

Secondly, robustness. Long or short journeys put luggage to the test. A child's suitcase must therefore be made from hard-wearing materials that both protect its contents and resist impact. A solid structure, quality zips and a reinforced shell are elements that should not be overlooked.

When it comes to aesthetics, the world of children is vast and colourful. The design should reflect the child's tastes and personality. Animated motifs, bright colours or even suitcases featuring their favourite heroes make travelling even more exciting for them. But it's not just about looks, cleverly designed compartments make it easier to organise and do business.

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