Personal belongings depend on individual needs, but remember that your mother will not be there, so you should bring whatever you think is necessary, as she will have no say in what to bring.

List of things to pack in your suitcase for the internship

  • your clothing
  • pyjamas or bathrobe
  • shoes or slippers
  • your phone charger
  • comb (for your hair)
  • products for the shower

For girls, it is a good idea to bring your make-up products. Bring make-up remover and moisturiser, as well as cotton wool, deodorant, a hair straightener and your hair products. Make sure you bring decent clothes.

And if you want to feel right at home, you can take along personal items such as photossouvenirs, lucky cards.... You can decorate your room as you wish, but without going against the principles of the place.

Some elements to decorate your room at the boarding school

A boarding school room is usually limited to what you need, such as a desk, a bed and a wardrobe. But here are some things that can make your room more personal:

You can display a board, posters, photos, flowers or flower pots. However, the decoration must respect the values of the boarding school (you are not going to put skulls everywhere!).

Some things to make you feel more comfortable in your boarding room

Some boarding schools offer the possibility of having a bluetooth speaker which will allow you to listen to music in your room but be careful to control the sound as much as possible so that it is not confiscated.

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