Lyon is a city located in the centre-east of France. FranceIt is a city that has been constantly changing and transforming itself for 2000 years. There are many historical and cultural elements in the city. tourist. From the ancient theatres to the remains of the Gallo-Roman era through the Red Cross and the many buildings dating from the ultra-modern contemporary era. Not forgetting the Old Lyon from the Renaissance and the Red Cross from the industrial era. If you are planning to come to Lyon for a stay, don't hesitate to read this article and discover the places you can visit in Lyon for a weekend.

Notre-Dame de Fourvière

It is impossible to go to Lyon and not visit Notre-Dame de Fourvière. Now dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it is the hill chosen to found the city of Lyon. It was completed in 1896 and is currently an emblematic monument and a must-see if you want to visit Lyon. There are also the remains of the Gallo-Roman Theatre of Lyon which is the oldest theatre in France.

The Old Lyon

Vieux-Lyon is a district with one of the largest ensembles of Renaissance styles in Europe. While walking around, you will discover the Cathedral Saint-Jean-Baptiste and the traboules of Lyon. The traboules are shortcuts in the form of a passageway that connects one street to another.

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The peninsula

If you happen to go on weekends culinaryYou can do so by visiting the districts of the peninsula in Lyon. There are many small restaurants and bars where you can have a good time. You will probably enjoy visiting the Hôtel-Dieu which is the largest building on the peninsula.

La Croix-Rousse

Still called "The hill that works", the Croix-Rousse is a rich and varied cultural space. It will be a truly recreational place for you if you are a fan of comedies and have enough time to go to a Croix-Rousse café-theatre.

The Tête d'Or Park

It is the largest park in France which has been in existence since 1857 and covers more than 117 hectares. Apart from organising picnics with friends, you can also choose to visit the garden for free. zoological that is there.

The quays of the Saône and the Rhône

The quays of the Saône and Rhône are an ideal place for walks because long green or paved quays line the Saône and the Rhône up to the Confluence. There are also places to spend time alone, with family or as a couple.

The festival of lights

The Festival of Lights takes place in Lyon every year in early December. It takes place over four evenings during which the city is illuminated with all kinds of light shows. This tells you when you can go to Lyon if you want to admire the beauty of these moments.

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Lyon's gastronomy

Lyon's cuisine is renowned throughout the France for its delicious food for all tastes. You will find bouchons, quenelles, the famous praline tart and bugnes, which are very popular with tourists. You'll be able to satisfy your taste buds!

The Musée des Confluences

It is a contemporary museum that rediscovers the collections of the Lyon museum that was closed in 2007. It was opened in 2014 and the building in which it is housed looks like a UFO. It is one of the places to visit at all costs in Lyon, the collections it presents have the general theme of "the confluence of knowledge".

Gerland Park

The Gerland park is that place in the capital of Gaules which is reserved for leisure. You will find there indeed playgrounds, skate-park and many other things. It is also possible to make walks along the canal surrounded by various types of vegetation. This area is open in both summer and winter from 6.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. in summer and from 6.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. in winter.

Les Halles Paul Bocuse

Les Halles Paul Bocuse is a covered market in which the shopkeepers who are there offer you the various local dishes. It is an unmissable institution in Lyon because of the gastronomic diversity it offers.

Beard Island

Located in the ninth arrondissement of Lyon, Ile Barbe, which means "wild island", is a peaceful place with lots of greenery. It is the ideal place for walks peaceful. It is a land that is divided into two parts: the private domain and the public domain. The place that will be accessible to you is the public domain with space set aside for your relaxation. The tourist in you will be happy to visit the remains of the Notre-Dame church.

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The Lumière Institute

Cinema is an activity you can do in Lyon. For this, the Lumière institute will certainly leave its mark on you. You can discover the beginnings of this art and learn more about the Lumière brothers Louis and Auguste from whom the institute takes its name. You will be able to understand why they were so famous while discovering some very strange objects.


At night, the city of Lyon is very vibrant, so you certainly don't want to stay in one place instead of enjoying it. To this end, places like Sucre, a panoramic roof top in Confluence, are recommended. It's a guarantee for a delicious and unforgettable evening.

How to get to Lyon

If you live in other parts of the FranceThere are several means of transport available to get to Lyon. Firstly, by plane, planes can fly from the major cities of the France to land at one of Lyon's four airports. Another way is by train, thanks to the two stations in Lyon. You can also choose to travel by bus, depending on which means suits you best.

Now that you are aware of the delights that can be found in Lyon, you can make this city your next tourist destination. You certainly figured it out soon enough, one thing you can do in Lyon is tourism. Whether you are in France or in another country, just plan your travel and accommodation. The capital of Gaul and its surroundings are ready to welcome you and make your stay a rewarding one.

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