You have certainly heard about the unusual nights in Alsace and have decided to take part in the adventure. It is a very captivating region that will delight you with its many attractions. Over the years, it has established itself as a must-see destination. Whether you are a visitor or a sportsman, there is something for everyone. A single night in the Alsace region is enough to give you a great time, whatever the time of year. So, take your time to fine-tune your stay according to your tastes and desires.

An unusual night in Alsace: planning your stay

To spend unforgettable moments in Alsace, it is advisable to prepare your stay well in advance. Although it is very short, documents such as your identity card, your travel tickets are essential. If certain vaccinations are required, you should bring your vaccination booklet. These documents will allow you to spend your stay in complete serenity.

Once the official documents are ready, you should think about booking your accommodation. A multitude of unusual choices are available to you. For a romantic night out, or a relaxing night in, or even with your family, you will not be disappointed. These accommodations are able to accommodate 2 to 8 people depending on your needs. They are simply ideal for your unusual night in Alsace.

What are the accommodations for a pleasant stay in Alsace?

Several types of accommodation are available to enable you to spend an unusual night in Alsace. Between boats, yurts, guest rooms, barrels and hanging huts, the choice is quite wide. These incredible accommodations will just fascinate you.

Take a short boat trip in the Alsace region

For your unusual night in Alsace, a river cruise on board a boat will give you the desire to discover sumptuous landscapes. Are you looking for a total change of scenery? Estates such as EOS Bateau in Strasbourg will welcome you with open arms. These boats allow you to spend an unusual night. The rocking of the waves and the sound of the halyards slapping the mast will not make your night difficult, on the contrary, it will make your experience most exceptional.

Spend an unusual night in Alsatian yurts

Yurts are unique ecological sites that are in perfect harmony with nature. They offer unusual accommodation that will allow you to escape in total freedom. You will have the feeling of being in another world. This is the case of the Mongolian nomads' yurt located at an altitude of 950m in the Vosges mountains. You will be able to eat, sleep and even relax in complete simplicity during your overnight stay. They have everything to please, so let yourself be seduced by their traditional and high quality aspect.

Spend an unusual night in Alsace in a guest house

Do you need an ideal formula to spend an unusual night in Alsace in a friendly and shared atmosphere? The guest rooms are made for you. Each of them has its own particularities that will dazzle you. You can choose between guest rooms with or without spa, with or without swimming pool, etc. In Alsace, the list of rooms is very long and includes, for example, the Obernai stable, Sophie's farm, Hotel berceau du vigneron, Rose trémière, etc.

Spend a unique night in a suspended hut

Are you a fan of adventure? Then perched cabins are perfect for you. They offer an original concept for spending an unusual night in Alsace. It's an intense experience, a moment of discovery and rejuvenation. You can get away from it all in the mountains, in the forest or even in a rural setting. As a family, with friends or on your own, these suspended cabins will let you enjoy the benefits of nature. The Alsace region offers a number of tree houses. There's the Campalune, 5m high in the Guebwiller valley, and the Goutty huts perched on stilts.

Sleeping in a barrel in Alsace

There is a wonderful selection of barrels in Alsace that will give you an incredible night. Don't let the term "barrel" distract you. They are indeed exceptional accommodations that provide an authentic and warm atmosphere. Barrels such as the Chardonnay Barrel, the Barrel of Barrel, Les Rives De La Doller, etc. have been designed to allow you to escape from the daily grind. Some of these barrels are very well equipped with spa or Nordic bath options to help you relax.

How to organise your activities for an unusual stay in Alsace?

You may have wondered what you could do in Alsace during your stay? Well, don't worry! Don't worry, there are plenty of exciting activities to do in Alsace. Even if you go for a day, an overnight stay or a weekend, the adrenaline rush is always there. The only difficulty you may face is the organisation of the outings in an unknown region. So just look at the maps tourist of the site in order to choose the ones that will interest you.

For your unusual night out, the charming region offers the public wine estates and vineyards, games and entertainment rooms, etc. The more curious can visit the souvenir shops and specialised shops that highlight the local Alsatian culture. If you are with your family, the little ones can take part in games such as the tyrolean traverse. Indeed, whether on land, in water or even in the air, there is no lack of experiences.

As well as these exceptional places offering unique experiences, consider venturing out to sample the local dishes. Alsace abounds in remarkable culinary diversity. From sauerkraut to baeckeoffe, tarte flambée and much more, it's almost impossible to get enough. Alsace has established a reputation for gastronomy that balances the warmth of winter with the cold of summer.

How to find a holiday rental in France quickly?

To find a place to sleep in Alsace, don't waste your time. You can now do your research on the internet. You have the possibility to find your holiday home rental in France on a website. With this platform, it would be easier for you to find a hanging hutA barrel in Alsace or other types of accommodation.

It should be noted that the platform lists most accommodation solutions in France. Thus, you will find not only holiday rentals in Alsace, but also in other cities of the country, such as Bordeaux, Montpellier, Paris, Lille, Annecy, Nice, La Rochelle, Arcachonetc. In addition to unusual accommodation, you will find on the site classic accommodation, such as hotels, campsites, villas, apartment hotels, Airbnb, etc.

By using the platform to find a place to stay in Alsace, you save time and make your life easier. Indeed, the reservation can be done online. The site also lists accommodation solutions in other large destinationsFor France in particular, there is a need for a more comprehensive approach to the management of the country's resources. For France in particular, over 700,000 offers are published online. All you have to do is choose the type of accommodation that suits your budget and your number.

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