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Ah, Paris! The city of love and light, the starting point for so many exciting adventures. But before you take off into the unknown, it's essential to be well prepared. Yes, packing your bags is crucial, but there are so many other details to take care of if you want to leave with peace of mind! Planning your itinerary, thinking about activities, transport, etc. All these elements need to be anticipated.

Luggage preparation

Preparing your luggage is often seen as a daunting task, but with a bit of organisation it can become child's play!

  • Don't forget the essentials: Remember to bring your passportYou'll also need to bring with you the following items of equipment: a car charger, adaptors for electrical sockets, clothing suited to the weather at your destination and a small first-aid kit to cover all eventualities.
  • Optimising space and avoiding oversights: Use rolling techniques for your clothes, compression bags to save space, and create a checklist so you don't forget anything. A good tip is to prepare your belongings a few days in advance and review your list the day before you leave.

Leaving Paris: Managing your transport

Le choix du mode de transport et l’organisation du trajet jusqu’à l’aéroport ou la gare sont des étapes clés pour un travel sans encombre.

  • Choosing your mode of transport : Compare the advantages and disadvantages of air, rail, bus and car travel. Use comparison websites to find the best deals and the most convenient timetables.
  • Getting to the airport/station : Paris offers a multitude of transport options. Whether you opt for a taxi, public transport or a car, allow plenty of time to avoid last-minute stress. If you choose to drive, consider using a comparison platform such as Parkos. This type of comparator allows you to book a seat in advance at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle car park or nearby. So you can avoid the time and stress of finding a parking space on the day of your departure. You can also take advantage of convenient services such as shuttles, valet parking and car cleaning.

Getting organised financially

Good financial management is the key to a successful, carefree trip. It's important to plan your budget and make sure you have the right means of payment for your destination.

  • Budget management : Draw up a provisional budget, taking into account the costs of transport, accommodation, catering and planned activities. Don't forget to set aside an emergency fund to cover the unexpected.
  • Means of payment : Vary your means of payment by taking a bank card, some cash in the local currency and possibly a mobile payment application. Inform your bank of your trip to avoid having your card suspended on suspicion of fraud.Leaving Paris finance

Preparing for your arrival

Arriving in a new place can be confusing. Good preparation can help you feel more at ease and enjoy your stay from the moment you arrive.

  • Accommodation : Choose your accommodation according to your needs and budget. Use reliable booking platforms, check other travellers' reviews and make sure you are close to transport links and points of interest.
  • On-site activities and travel : Plan a few visits and activities in advance, but also leave room for improvisation. Familiarise yourself with local transport options and download useful apps for navigation, translation and payments.

Health and insurance

Taking care of your health and insuring against unforeseen events are essential steps if you are to travel with peace of mind. It's important to find out about the vaccinations you need and choose the right travel insurance.

  • Vaccines and medicines : Consult the health recommendations for your destination and make sure your vaccinations are up to date. Take a basic kit of medicines with you, including remedies for pain, fever, digestive problems and allergies.
  • Taking out travel insurance : Travel insurance can cover medical expenses, trip cancellation and lost luggage. Compare offers and choose an insurance policy suited to the nature of your trip and your planned activities.

Familiarise yourself with the local culture

Discovering and respecting the local culture will enrich your travel experience. Learning a few customs and basic phrases in the local language can make it easier for you to integrate and open doors.

  • Traditions and customs : Find out about the traditions, rules of politeness and taboos of the country you are visiting. Respectful behaviour and appropriate dress are essential for establishing good relations with the locals.
  • Gastronomy and food safety : Taste the local cuisine while remaining cautious. Find out what foods to avoid and what precautions to take to avoid health problems. Drinking bottled water and avoiding ice cubes are basic advice in many destinations.


Preparing for your trip is the key to making the most of every moment once you're there. With this advice, you'll be ready to leave Paris with a clear head and enjoy some unforgettable adventures!


Do you still have questions? We're here to help you prepare for your departure from Paris!

There you have it, I hope you find this guide useful and that it helps you to travel with peace of mind. Enjoy your trip!


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