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In FranceWe are fortunate to have a very varied landscape, with mountains, lush plains, beaches and numerous forests. That's why wildlifeYou can't complain. But you still need to know where the best places are to observe animals! In this article, we bring you 4 interesting places for those who love living creatures.

The Océanopolis aquarium in Brest: discovering different marine ecosystems

If you are looking for a particular aquarium to visit in FranceThis is the one we recommend. It has a number of interesting features. First and foremost, its imposing size, as it is the largest in the Brittany region with no fewer than 10,000 residents. However, it's the educational aspect that we really like about this place, as it gives us the chance to discover the different marine ecosystems of the blue planet. That's why there are three separate pavilions ("Polar", "Tropical" and "Brittany").

So you'll come away from this aquarium with stars in your eyes, but also with a fuller head!

The Pyrenees National Park: a paradise for hikers

This time we're in a completely different setting, in the south of France, with its breathtaking scenery. But as well as hiking in the mountains, the Pyrenees National Park is particularly popular for birdwatching. Here you can admire emblematic species such as the bearded vulturethe griffon vulture, the capercaillie and the isard.

If you're lucky, you may also spot the famous Alpine marmot or the Iberian ibex. The great thing about this type of expedition is that you never really know what you're going to come across!

The Camargue: from pink flamingos to black bulls

Located in seaside The Camargue, a Mediterranean region in the Gard département, is renowned for its marshes, ponds, lagoons and reed beds. You'll come across pink flamingos, Camargue horses, black bulls and hundreds of other migratory birds. With over 150,000 hectares, you'll need at least a week to really enjoy it. But be warned: as the area is very humid, it's also notorious for its high mosquito count. So be sure to well equipped !

The forest of Fontainebleau: for its deer and wild boar

Last but not least, the famous forest of Fontainebleau in the Seine-et-Marne region. Covering 25,000 hectares, it is renowned for its exceptional wildlife, which includes 54 species of mammal. You'll come across deer, wild boar, foxes, squirrels, bats, etc. And if you visit in autumn, you may even be lucky enough to come face to face with mushrooms such as the cèpe de bordeaux.

However, as in the Camargue, be careful of the insects you come across on your way. Ticks in particular are quite plentiful in the forest!


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