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You have decided to go on a trip and visit Portugal and in particular Lisbonbut you're not sure where to start. When to go. The countries to the south of Europe are attractive for their fine weather in almost all seasons. And when we go, we prefer to visit in the sun rather than in the rain. But sun often means heat, and that's not the most pleasant thing for walks. So when to visit Lisbon

What is the weather forecast for Lisbon in April? 

When you live in FranceWe generally go away during the school holidays, especially if we have children. The summer holidays are special, as the children need to be kept busy and the water, sea or ocean, beckons holidaymakers. The autumn holidays are quieter, as we enter the wetter season and there is less of a desire to go away. Traditionally, the Christmas holidays are spent with the family and the winter holidays are spent skiing. When the Spring holidays, the start of the good weather, and often the desire to travel takes hold of us. 

And so it's the ideal time to visit the countries of Europe and enjoy spring-like temperatures, as in Portugal. April to Lisbon is a very traditional month, with little rain and temperatures around 20°C during the day. It is perfect for sightseeing, strolling around, enjoying spring without feeling too hot and eating on the terrace. The heat of the day is constant. You should, however, take an umbrella or mackintosh with you. suitcase in the event of rain, but this is fairly rare. The nights are still a little cool, so you can sleep without the need for air conditioning. A constant temperature that doesn't drop much at night makes for a pleasant holiday. What's more, this is a less touristy period. Visit prices are more affordable and you don't need to book everything months in advance. 

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When else should you visit Lisbon? 

Lisbon visit visit all year round. The period is obviously the summer from June to September. The weather is warm. Lisbon Being close to the Tagus, the sea air means that you don't "suffocate" in the heat at the height of summer. Summer temperatures can rise quite high.

L'Autumn is a bit like springIt's not as hot, with a few showers from time to time. But rarely for a whole day. So you can enjoy the terraces until the evening and stroll around without feeling too hot. Now that the tourist season is over, the city is calmer again. 

Winter is also an interesting time of year. A little wetter than the rest of the year, there are some beautiful days with fair temperatures, especially in the afternoons. Some terraces are open to enjoy the winter sun. You'll still need to bring something to cover yourself in case it rains. Above all, you need to protect yourself from the wind, as this is the windiest time of year. 


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