Here are the most beautiful places in Spain that you should visit on your holiday!

Few tourists have not visited Spain at least once. The country is ranked second in the best destinations tourist du monde. Ce sont les mêmes endroits que nous visitons souvent : la capitale Madrid et la catalane Barcelona.

Spain has much more to offer. It is rich in fascinating history and lies at the crossroads between the Arab-Muslim and Latin-European worlds. This allows you to travel throughout history and the world. Many of the monuments and sites in Spain are now part of the world heritage. The Spanish countryside and cities are full of wonders.

Santiago de Compostela

Are you curious about what else you can do in Spain ? How can you see the country from a different perspective? This is possible with the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. To truly appreciate the treasures of Spain, it is recommended to make this pilgrimage at least once in your life. You will travel from the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela, where you will see beautiful places and learn about the Spanish way of life. Even if you don't like long walks, Santiago de Compostela is a place to visit. The architecture of the city, which is also the capital of Galicia, is simply breathtaking. The cathedral The baroque church, which serves as the arrival point for pilgrims, is a perfect example. We recommend that you attend the feast of Saint James on the 25th July - this is one of the more beautiful Spanish holidays.

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The city of Zaragoza

Zaragoza, the capital of Aragon, is a beautiful and historic medieval city, located in the south of the Catalonia. Its architecture is a mixture of different styles and periods. The Basilica of Nuestra Senora del Pilar and its stone bridge over the Ebro River are the most important buildings in the city. monuments the most emblematic ones. There is nothing better than tasting delicious tapas the streets of the city, then stroll along the banks of the Ebro to admire the beautiful lights and sparkling waters. It would be a shame not to stop off in Zaragoza during your travel in Spain.

La Serria Nevada

The Andalusian Sierra Nevada mountain range is also known as the "snowy mountains" or "snowy mountains". snowy mountains" (in French). It is the second highest mountain range in Europe after the Alps. The Mulhacen peak reaches 3,478 metres. The national park of the Sierra Nevada was declared a biosphere reserve in Spain by UNESCO. The Iberian Peninsula is home to a wildlife and a flora unique. Las Alpujurras is also located at the foot of the mountains. This area is home to thermal springs, small white houses, Serrano hams and winding goat paths. Are you a fan of walks and mountains? Do you want to know what to do in Spain. The Sierra Nevada is your answer. These mountains are special and must be seen at least once in your life.

The city of Granada

Granada is located in the east of Andalusia. After hundreds of years under Arab-Muslim controlIt was the last city to be taken over by the Spanish Catholics. This influence has resulted in fascinating and impressive architecture, of which the Alhambra is the most important. This magnificent palace and its gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a major monument of Islamic and Moorish architecture. The Alhambra is divided into four main parts within a walled enclosure. These are the Alcazaba (the fortress), the nasrid palaceson Generalife and gardens. Finally, the Palace of Charles V was added by the Castilian conquerors.

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San Sebastian

San Sebastian is located in the heart of the Basque Country, not far from the famous Bilbao. This sophisticated city is surrounded by the beautiful blue ocean and has a number of beautiful beaches from white sand. It is also an unmissable gastronomic destination. Here, there is no tapasbut pintxosthe Basque version of the tapas Spanish.


Barcelona, la magnifique capitale de la Cataloniais an essential part of any trip to Spain. Barcelona vous charmera avec ses nombreuses attractions, y compris les jours de farniente à la plage et les fêtes sauvages dans certaines des boîtes de nuit les plus excitantes d’Europe. Vous pouvez également participer à des visites culturelles fascinantes pour découvrir les œuvres les plus étonnantes d’Antoni Gaud.

3 must-do activities when visiting Barcelona

  • Taste Catalan cuisine in the bars in tapas or in other lively restaurants, day and night.
  • Visitez le légendaire stade du FC Barcelona, ou faites coïncider votre travel à Barcelona avec un match de championnat de football.
  • Stroll through the Gothic Quarter and you will be seduced by the unique restaurants and vintage shops.

Are you ready for an unforgettable holiday in Spain ? Pour planifier vos vacances à Barcelona, consultez le city guide du voyageur.


You are looking for the ideal destination to spend your holidays in Spainwhere you can enjoy nature at its best, including beaches, mountains walks and lava fields? Look no further! Tenerife is the largest of the islands Canary Islands. You can enjoy all this and much more in just one visit. travel in the south of Tenerife. You'll find all the main attractions tourist ainsi que les hotels et les logements de vacances parfaits pour les amis et les familles. Pour découvrir les joyaux cachés et les plus beautiful places of the island, plan road trips around it.

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3 must-do activities during your stay in Tenerife

  • Make the hiking to discover hidden beaches in the northern part of the island. For a unique 'alone in the world' experience, you can visit beautiful beaches such as Tacoronte and Taganana.
  • Stroll along the south coast of the island through charming villages and lively cities. You can enjoy cultural visits, shopping and endless tastings of Tenerife's delicious Spanish cuisine.
  • You will also find the Corona Forestal area, a protected forest area that allows you to do walks through mountains and green valleys. The Teide volcano, at 3,718m, is also accessible.
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