The Congost Mount Rebei is a narrow, high quality gorge that flows into the Noguera Ribagorçana, which separates theAragon of the Catalonia. You can cross the Montsec following a cliff path that has been carved out of the rock.

Since 2013 wooden walkways are attached to the wall on the Aragonese side of the cliff. You don't know what you are looking at!

It is an exceptional architecture in the Pyrenees. It has the advantage of increasing the number of visitors to this remote area. It has also helped to restore the Montfalco refuge. It is a refuge that we highly recommend.

The hiking takes you along the footbridges suspended on the cliffside to reach the suspension bridge which allows the passage of theAragonese to Catalan. The rest of your hiking will take you on dizzying paths that have been carved out in the style of the Chemin de La Mâture "in the cliffs of Congost until Penjat de Mont-rebei bridge.

The border between the Congost of Seguer and Montfalcó

You have to cross a suspension bridge at the Congost del Seguer to change province. The bridge of Seguer, 35 metres long, is a major attraction in the region. Then there are the footbridges that descend in an amazing zigzag. It used to be difficult to climb, but it is now accessible to all.

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A predominant activity: hiking

There are several ways to join the hiking of the Congost de Mont Rebei. We have chosen to start with theefuge Montfalco. Viacamp is the only way to reach the latter. You have to be careful when you go to Litera. It is in poor condition and will be more difficult if you have a city car.

The Congost of Mount Rebei by bike

The Congost of Mount Rebei, a beautiful area for hiking MOUNTAIN BIKEThe scenery is breathtaking. The scenery is breathtaking and the trails are varied. There are both easy paths and more difficult paths for novice cyclists. Congost de Mont Rebei is also well equipped for cyclists with toilets, water points and picnic areas. It is an ideal place to spend a day or weekend with friends and family. You can enjoy the beauty of the landscape while participating in a sports outing.

Canyoning in the Congost of Mont Rebei

The canyoning is a physical activity that involves descending rivers using ropes and ice axes. Canyoning is a practice that involves deep, narrow canyons. Spain practices the kayak and canyoning for many years. Canyoning is a very popular sport in the gorges Mount Rebei. The beauty of the landscape and the natural environment make it the place ideal for an introduction to the joys of canyoning.

Admire the fauna and flora

The Mount Rebei Congost is a beautiful natural siteIt is a popular spot for walkers and hikers. It is also an ideal place to spend long minutes observe the fauna and flora.

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The Congost of Mont Rebei is in fact theone of the last shelters of fauna or flora in Spain. The area is home to a wide range of species that have been heavily impacted by tourism. This canyon is an ideal place to observe wildlife.

You can observe the fauna and flora and find out which species live in the canyon. This allows you toget to know them. This allows for understand how these species interact with the environment in which they live.

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