The caftan Moroccan is a traditional dress Moroccan in the form of a long dress. It is a appearance clothing of women Moroccan women for all festive occasionsceremonial and daily.

The Moroccan caftan, a very elegant traditional dress

The women of the Morocco The dress is worn on special occasions or ceremonies such as weddings and christenings. It is a dress passed down from generation to generation. generation.

Generally, it is a long-sleeved tunic worn with a belt of very original form and style. Often of bright colourred, orange or blue with traditional motifs. This outfit elegant and haute couture is the result of the know-how of the country's couturiers and stylists. 

How do you wear a Moroccan caftan?

The caftan Moroccan is an outfit decorated with embroideryIt is usually worn with a dress. It is usually worn with a scarf or a sail accompanied a petticoat, a trousers and high heels.

The traditional and modern caftan, what is the difference between them?

The traditional caftan is usually sewn with coloured patterns. Equipped with a hood It offers more class and adapts to all morphologies thanks to its long and adjusted cut according to the material. The traditional dress is often made of a very light fabric such as silk or satin and its seams have been reinforced for more sustainability. 

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Nowadays, the caftan has become an essential piece of clothing very popular in many countries. It has inspired many designers and fashion houses to create made-to-measure dressesThe majority of modern caftans have a close-fitting cut and longer length. The majority of modern caftans are characterised by their close-fitting cut and longer length. short sewn with a lining in satin or velvet. This gives them an even more elegant style and refined.

What are the different types of Moroccan caftans?

Each of the cities of ancient Morocco had their own style, cut and pattern of caftan. These are distinguished by their material and their unique appearance:

  • The N'taa caftan: made from a velvet or cotton fabric. ornate brocade of various motives sewn in gold thread.
  • The Keswa Kbira is a velvet, silk and gold fabric made up of three pieces: a zeltia skirtof a faceplate and a waistcoat with muslin sleeves detached from the caftan.
  • The faceplate is a piece made of velvet, silk, leather or cotton very valuablewhich is made in the golden thread. It is mainly worn with a belt high gold lamée which serves as a corset.

Why has the caftan become so popular?

The caftan is one of the cultural elements of the Morocco and has been listed in the tangible heritage in the Islamic world. It represents beauty and great wealth of the country. 

All of this is thanks to the success of the fashion shows highlighting the caftans. Made by Moroccan stylists and couturiers who have worked hard on the models in order to adapt them to the new trends.

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The caftan is a long dress that has been popular in Morocco since ancient times. This garment Traditional dresses continue to be worn for all sorts of celebrations, including weddings and religious ceremonies, but also as an everyday piece by many of today's women who want more than what is offered in the workplace! If you are looking to add a little style Moroccan They are highly recommended for North African style, so don't hesitate any longer when it comes to choosing something perfect representing the world's heritage

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