When the summer season arrives, people's minds are focused on going on holiday. We fine-tune the destinationsIn this way, the right plans are made and the various sites to be visited are reviewed. Among the options available, the establishment of a travel list for summer mountain holidays needs special attention. We tell you why in this article.

Why choose the mountains over other summer destinations?

Firstly, the altitude offers a temperature that has many benefits. This is in contrast to the heat of summer. Depending on the altitude, your holiday in the mountains will have many twists and turns. You will have the opportunity to get away from your hectic everyday life. No more polluted air, no more traffic jams and above all less noise.

Secondly, you can enjoy your rest in peace and quiet, unlike a holiday by the sea. In the mountains, there is no risk of a crowd like at the beach. However, if you like to take a dip, all is not lost. Indeed, the mountains are full of lakes in full nature and waterways where you can indulge in idleness.

But above all, you will experience some quite unusual moments of discovery. You will be impressed by the panoramic landscapes that will be offered to you. A change of scenery, walks and activities You won't have time to get bored. The unbelievable sunsets and the diversity of the flora will also give you an eyeful.

Some destinations to consider in your summer mountain holiday travel list

The Pyrenees remain one of the destinations It's a good thing that you're going to have a great time in the mountains. As a natural border with Spain, it's the perfect place to recharge your batteries. If you are looking for unforgettable holiday ideas, this is an option that will suit you. And even more so if you have decided to go on holiday family. There are many natural sites such as the waterfalls of Cauterets, the caves of Bétharram, the gorges de Galamus and many others.

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Alternatively, you can go to Chamonix-Mont Blanc, one of the most famous resorts in France. Famous for the Mont Blanc that overlooks it, it is located at the crossroads between the FranceSwitzerland and Italy. It's a popular destination in winter, but you can also enjoy a wide range of activities. activities in summer. For example, you can visit the Aiguille du Midi, take a ride on the Mont Blanc tramway, discover the waterfalls and even go hiking. walks around the lakes of Chamonix. The diversions is well worth it.

But if a complete change of scenery is what motivates you, don't hesitate to include small resorts in your travel list. They are less sumptuous, but just as attractive. This is the case, for example, of Saint-Sorlin and Grand-Bornand. Here you have the cost advantage. These places have affordable prices because they are not so crowded. You can go horseback riding, cycling, hiking, or just hanging out. canyoning or visit places of remembrance. For your next summer holiday in the mountains, don't hesitate to go there.

You are looking for destinations What are the best places to go in the summer to have an unforgettable time in the mountains? There are many fabulous mountain sites to be found on all 5 continents. Here are some of them.


Located in the Haute-Savoie, the Chamonix valley promises a world of wonders for your summer mountain holiday. The panoramic views from the peaks of this region will give you a different view of the world.

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You can climb the highest mountain in Western Europe, Mont Blanc, which is almost 4.8 km high. The site also offers you incredible trails of hiking namely the Balcon du Nord, the Montagne de Peclerey, the Lac Blanc...

The Dolomites

Take a trip to northern Italy for your summer mountain holiday and enjoy the fabulous scenery of the Dolomites. These splendid mountains, which never cease to amaze its many visitors, will immerse you in the Austrian and Italian cultural universe.

Located in the South Tyrol, the Dolomites are also beautiful places to visit. walks. By choosing this destination, you can opt for a road trip through 3 countries. A 4×4 will allow you to make an unforgettable trip.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa proudly welcomes you with its continental peak: Mount Kilimanjaro! This massif, culminating at more than 5 km in altitude, guarantees you a magnificent mountain and summer holiday. Located in Tanzania, the mountain is situated in a nature reserve extremely rich in flora and in wildlife Ngorongoro Park.

This time of year is also a good time to visit Tanzania as the weather conditions are mild. In addition to climbing Kilimanjaro and standing on the roof of Africa, you have the opportunity to go on safari. This way you will meet the most exotic animals of the old continent.

The Matterhorn

This massif, which rises to a height of almost 4.4 km, is located on the Italian-Swiss border. The Matterhorn fascinates the eyes of summer mountain vacationers in an impressive way.

It has a rock pyramid at the top that you must visit. Approximately 3500 people try to climb the summit every year. A road will allow you to easily reach its sunny summit in summer. This is the Hörnligrat.

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The Jura Mountains

The Jura is located in the department of Ain. For your summer mountain holidays, visitors have the opportunity to discover the summer greenery of this part of the France. Several activities are to be expected: walksMOUNTAIN BIKING, canyoning and paragliding.

You can also see the city of Geneva, Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva from its high peaks. Its spa also invites you to enjoy its pure, fresh waters. Try the Jura site and your travel will be unforgettable.

Island Peak

If you are looking for an Asian landscape for your summer mountain holiday, Island Peak is the place to be. Nestled in Nepal on the mythical Himalayan mountain range, this peak takes you to the roof of the world and offers a life-size panorama.

Meet the fantasy world by trying one of these 6 destinations. You will have unforgettable memories.

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