Organise a seminar is not always an easy task, especially in big cities like Paris. In order to do this, it is not only necessary to draw up a good checklist, but also to call on the services of a service provider.

Organise a company seminar is not always an easy task, especially in big cities like Paris. In order to achieve this, it is not only necessary to develop a good checklistbut also to use a service provider.

company seminar in Paris

Organising a company seminar in Paris: everything you need to know

seminar is a unifying event organised to strengthen or even create a link between employees. The aim is therefore to get the whole team together It is a great way to get away from the workplace and out of the usual company environment. This allows you to clear your mind and stimulate the creativity, motivation and productivity of all employees. To make this event a success, several criteria must first be taken into account.

Define the concept of the seminar

The organisation of your event is based on these different concepts including :

  • The seminar integrationto introduce the new employees;
  • The seminar motivation and cohesion to stimulate and strengthen team spirit;
  • The seminar of work for sharing techniques and knowledge;
  • The seminar management dedicated to the company's managers;
  • The seminar management to develop and train team managers;
  • The seminar of training An opportunity for exchange, meeting and contact.
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Setting the date

The date of seminar The date of the event should be defined in advance to avoid unforeseen events, to know the actual number of guests and to be able to book rooms and venues in advance. To do this, you must first ask the opinion of all the employees, especially the managers, and set a date when everyone can be present. Once the date has been set, you only need to inform all the participants so that they can make a note of it in their diaries.

Define the budget

Normally, the company must have a specific budget allocated to the organisation of a seminar. This is a very useful criterion, as defining the budget in advance will help you when choosing and booking the venue, paying the suppliers, etc.

Choosing the seminar venue

For a seminar à ParisIf you are looking for a place with a garden, a terrace, a dance floor, a relaxation and leisure area, etc. À Parisyou will find various atypical places such as barges, art galleries, conference rooms, mansions or artists' studios. This allows your employees to have a good time and to get away from the usual work environment. 

Where to organise a seminar à Paris ? Your corporate event can take place in the heart of ParisThe location should be close to the Champs-Élysées, the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower. The place just has to be ideally located and easily accessible so that everyone can get there without difficulty. 

Select the location according to the quote and the criteria sought (decoration, capacity, equipment, entertainment, daylight, etc.), then check its availability for the dates you have chosen. Do not hesitate to ask your colleagues for advice and to have them validate your choice.

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Establish a schedule

Planning is very important, as it allows you to know the whole process of the seminar. It should be prepared in advance and communicated to all staff. 

This programme should contain the conference times and the names of all speakers, the timetable for leisure activities and the different types of entertainment, the start, end and break times during the day.

It also includes the date and place of the event, but also the outfits to be used if certain activities require them. Don't forget to work out the speaking order and get your programme by your managers.

Choosing the right providers

To make your event a success, it is best to use intermediaries who will put you in touch with the agencies. Among them is the brand Tibbywhich is a tailor-made team event organiser. Once you have chosen the date, found the venue, established the budget and the planning, you will not have to worry anymore, because she will take care of everything else. 

This platform selects service providers and quickly finds the event structure that meets your expectations. In addition to giving you the benefit of a quick and easy serviceThe company puts you in touch with an agency that can take care of the management, the smooth running and the logistics of your seminar.

Finalise details

Once you have managed to find the providers, all that remains is to finalise all the details. The day before the eventCheck that everything is in place and that all your colleagues have the same programme. Keep your managers informed via e-mail or phone calls, and make sure that all stakeholders are present.

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