The Rondinara beach is located in the South Corsicabetween Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio. You can swim there all day long. The sea is calm. These beaches are perfect for quiet moments, whether you are alone, a couple or a family. This amazing beach can be reached by several routes.

The landscape is truly breathtaking and enchanting when you visit. It is best to visit the beach during the summer season. The beach is crowded during this period.

You can also enjoy the perfectly preserved nature reserve of the Rondinara Bay. The beach at Rondinara is surrounded by reddish rocks and numerous pine trees. This region of Corsica is not to be missed.

How do you get to Rondinara beach?

The bay is accessible by car from Porto-Vecchio by taking the N198 towards Bonifacio (or the other way round). Take the D158, a narrow road that winds through the woods to a large car park. The price of the car park is 5€. It is important to note that the car park is closed in the low season. Also, it can be difficult for people to park on the street. If you like walking, you can choose to go to the beach after a short walk. You can cross the maquis at 400m the campsite and enjoy the unspoilt countryside. Rondinara is very popular with families. The sea is calm and the slope is gentle for swimming. The straw hut is also available for eating and drinking. You can also swim in a more remote and wild area on the second range south of the bay. It is less protected from the wind and the water will be rougher. You will find far fewer people in the north, near the pond of Prisarella. However, it will take some time to get there.

How to stay at Rondinara beach?

You can find all types of accommodation close to Rondinara beach. Sites allow users to compare and locate all the accommodation options available in the area, including hotels, flats, home swaps, hostels and homestays as well as self-catering accommodation. AirBnb. Here are some suggested accommodation options that will suit your budget.

The Rondinara Bay is a popular destination thanks to its campsite, La Rondinara Campground.

The best known accommodation in this area is Les Terraces of RondinaraThe hotel offers beautiful flats with a breathtaking view of the bay.

The rooms in Mila are stunningly designed with plenty of space. They also have a beautiful heated pool that can be used for lounging, swimming and diving.

The residence Santa Monica is an ideal place to rent a villa with its swimming pool and ideal location.

Activities you can do at Rondinara beach

You can enjoy various activities in the vicinity of Rondinara, such as GR20. The GR20a famous hiking trail through the Corsican mountainsis approximately 200 km. It is possible to walk it even if you are in good physical condition. It is best done between June and September, when the climate of the island is the softer. It will take you around two weeks to complete the trail if you are an experienced hiker. For less experienced hikers, there is an easier trail, the Mare a Mare South. It is one of the most popular hiking trails in Corsica. It takes you from the coast to the other side of the island, i.e. from Porto Vecchio to Propriano. This walk will allow you to immerse yourself fully in the culture and atmosphere of the mountain villages of theAlta Rocca. You will explore the maquis, the centuries-old oak and chestnut forests and cross rivers and streams where you can swim. These breathtaking landscapes will make you forget about your daily routine.

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