For all tourism enthusiasts, the rucksack represents a small house that they have to carry around on their backs. That's why it's important to avoid heavy loads by choosing an accessory that's easy to carry. travel lightweight rucksack. Always choose the most essential to avoid carrying an accessory travel a rucksack that won't do you any good.

Opt for a microfiber towel as a backpacking accessory

If you travel of a hostel to another, you will not always have access to a towel. You should therefore take with you a towel microfibre as an accessory travel backpack. The latter is lightweight and compact. These towels are available in several formats.

Adopt the portable clothesline as a backpacking accessory

With a rope linen as an accessory travel rucksack, you can spread out your journey and linen at any time. This accessory travel rucksack also means you can take less luggage with you. clothing. All you need to do is wash two or three clothing every time you shower.

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Favour the first aid kit as a backpack accessory

It's an accessory travel backpack that allows you to travel in complete safety. The first aid kit fits in the palm of your hand, so you can slip it into any pocket. The first aid kit is an excellent accessory travel The rucksack contains bandages, disinfectant and dressings.

Opt for a waterproof bag as a backpacking accessory

A waterproof bag will help you avoid mouldy odours on your clothing. This accessory travel backpack is excellent for destinations close to water. We advise you to use models with roll-up fasteners to store your clothing.

Choose a backpack as a backpack travel accessory

As soon as you put the bag away, its size reduces considerably. It's an accessory travel A backpack that lets you go shopping in a grocery shop or even to the beach. excursions at the beach. You can keep it in any pocket of your bag. It's an accessory travel ultra-light backpack.

Selecting a good universal adapter as a backpacking accessory

Your destination may be a country where the plugs are not the same as yours. This accessory travel You'll need a backpack to plug into any socket in the world. Add to that a mini power strip.

Rely on an external battery as a backpacking accessory

You should always take an external battery with you. This accessory travel This backpack will prevent you from running out of battery. It lets you charge your phone two or three times during long journeys.

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Choosing an accessory travel The size of your rucksack will depend on the capacity of your bag. However, it's best to choose an accessory that's easy to carry. travel lightweight, less bulky rucksack.

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