When leaving for a long stay, it is best to have the necessary and adequate equipment with you. For this reason, for the women's class, it would be ideal to take a travel kit So you can look radiant in every situation. For the face, for the hair, for the body, there are a multitude of categories. Here's a selection of complete women's travel kits that we love.

Women's shower travel kit

No more panic attacks at airports because of bulky sizes. Thanks to the practical women's shower travel kit, you can now take everything you need to keep your skin smelling and glowing at sea or in the mountains. So what do you have to take with you? kit shower?

When it comes to shower equipment, you can start with your basic needs, such as travel-size shampoo and shower gel and oil. And don't forget your favourite soap and dental care. There's no good reason why you should break your usual cleanliness routine while travelling. On the contrary, you need to shine even more brightly.

the travel kit for facials

After a well-earned shower, it's time to put your face in its best care. There are a number of mini beauty products to help you do just that. You know which brands are your favourites. So, for your face care kit, you can choose a suitable plant-based essential oil to tone and purify your face.

Ladies, it's better to stay green to protect our planet. Next to it, you can add a cream, which you should choose according to the temperature of your destination. And don't forget your anti-wrinkle care products in your travel kit, in case age is already playing tricks on you.

hair care travel kit

Having hair that always looks and feels so good requires special care. The shampoo and gel of the rentals But that's not enough. So you need to take a special hair travel kit with you. As for the ingredients to put in your kit, it all depends on your hair style and the climatic conditions where you're staying.

Hair maintenance should be a priority during your trip. You don't want to show up with dishevelled or frail hair at tourist destinations. You will find on the market, small kits specially designed for women with coloured hair, for women with dry hair...

Dear ladies, for a weekend or several weeks of travelling, your travel kit is the essential to keep you looking just as radiant at all times. If you're short of ideas or tips for collecting your own personal kit, you'll find plenty of brands online and in your local stores.


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