These natural poolscreated by the flow of the river during the course of the year. millenniaallow for long days of recreation. swimming. The Cavu's swimming pools are quieter in the spring and are conducive to relaxation and hiking along the network of marked trails which can be found throughout the region.

The cavu

The Cavu is a river of South Corsicain the region of Porto Vecchio. It originates in the Massif de Bavella. It flows eastwards through the Corsican mountains to reach Saint Lucia of Porto Vecchio.

Although the Cavu is not not accessible in its upper partIt then finds a wider valley in the granite which offers exceptional swimming pools.

The price of success is that the most popular pools and watering holes are extremely busy in August by families and people who like to cool off.

Activities available at the Cavu natural pools

In Cavu, you can do a whole range of activities. Cavu will delight the whole familyand even the big ones!

Relaxation in the river or natural pools

Cavu is not used for canyoning like its neighbours. Its main activity is still swimming.

It is ideal for the youngestfor families who will enjoy the natural toboggans, the diving in the green pool (beware of the depth!), and long play sessions with the pebbles all around.

Hiking around the natural pools of Cavu

The Cavu valley hike is along the river. You will reach the garrigue and see 2 magnificent views over the valley. You will also see the cirque which reveals the Punta de Quercitello at 1460m and the Pinarello Bay to the east.

You should plan for at least 4 hours for the whole excursion in the Cavu valley. The total distance covered is 10.5 km. Comfortable walking shoes and warm clothing are recommended. essential. The temperature variations can be surprising for hikers, even if the The highest point is only 523m.

The Cavu Valley hike is moderately difficult. Children under 5 years of age should be able to climb the 436 m of ascent and 430 m of descent.

You will find useful crossing points throughout your walk. The "Accrobranches" car park is your first stop. After passing a small restaurant, you will find a snack bar and continue on a dirt road.

You will quickly find yourself in the garrigue if you don't pay attention to the yellow markings. Enjoy your breaks by taking a look at the panoramic views at 400 and 500 m above sea level.

You can follow the river for a good distance, passing through the natural pools of Cavu.

Les 3 Piscines restaurant

Just at the entrance to the Cavu valley is the Restaurant Les 3 Piscines. The establishment is located in a idyllic setting with lush vegetation and welcomes you in a warm and friendly environment.

On the menu you will find a traditional corsican cuisine ! You can enjoy typical dishes from the region. Drinks and snacks are also available at the snack bar or restaurant bar.

How to get to the natural pools of Cavu?

Taking the T10 towards Bastia to arrive at Saint Lucia of Porto Vecchio. At the traffic lights, turn left to take the D168A towards Conca and Taglio Rosso. The river will be near the bridge at Conca. Some bathers stop here, but it is better to go through the village to the forest, near the park accrobranche. You can continue along the path on foot or by car to the cistern and the 3 springs. From here you can go to the restaurant and enjoy a great view. The river flows through a wild landscape, with hollows that allow for swimming. From natural slides are formed when rocks are eroded.

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