L'Spain is only a few steps away from the France and offers many spectacular deserts.

The best known desert in the South East is the Bardenas Reales. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes inEuropeThe canyons will make you feel as if you are in the wilderness. The canyons will give hikers the impression of being in the Great American West.

The desert of Monegros is a desert made of sand and stones in Aragon. It is home to many endemic species that have adapted to this particular climate. It is also home to the Monegros Desert Festivalan electronic music festival.

The desert of Tabernas is located at south of Granada in Spain. This breathtaking desert has been the backdrop for some of the most famous westerns for years: We have seen Clint Eastwood gallop between the fairy chimneys and the barrancos of this region, while Indians were chasing him.

The largest desert in Spain: the Bardenas Desert

The Bardenas Desert is a biosphere reserve of theUnesco. It is located on the border of the Navarreof theAragon and just a short distance from the Spanish Pyrenees. These amazing landscapes created by erosion seem to have been created on another planet. It is an ideal location for science fiction films. There are scenes from Game of Thronesas well as scenes that were filmed on " March" . It is this amazing and mysterious site that you should focus on.

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The Bardenas Desert is located only 70 km from the Pyrenees. This nature reserve was once a lake millions of years ago and can be accessed by bike, on foot, by buggy or by 4×4. This nature park is located in the south-eastern NavarreIt is located on the border with Aragon. It offers breathtaking landscapes that are still unknown to tourists. This extraordinary place has a western atmosphere and offers a total change of scenery.

The Bardenas desert extends over 42,500 hectares and is populated by many raptors such as thegolden eagleon vulture Egyptian vulture and other birds of prey. There are fairy chimneys, steppe landscapes and labyrinths of crevasses. A Spanish air force base is located in the area. The Bardenas Reales are known by their symbol, the fairy chimney Castil de Tierra. It is an amazing natural sculpture. Hikers, you don't need to travel thousands and thousands of miles to get into the Wild West. Just go to the other side!

A Wild West desert in Spain: the Tabernas Desert

The mountain range of the Sierra de los Filabres and the mountain range of the Sierra Alhamilla prevent the Mediterranean air from cooling the desert climate of Tabernas Desert à Almeriain Andalusia. The Tabernas Desert is undoubtedly one of the Spain's most unusual deserts.

This natural park extends over 280 km2 and allows you to enter a film set. This small corner of Spain has been the setting for many westerns and films, including Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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Three villages on the film set are still available and open to visitors. Fort Bravo is the most important and the most essential. You will find a Mexican village, an Indian village and a small town in the American West.

This immersive adventure allows a hundred or so people, over four days, to experience theUltimate Western.

The Tabernas Desert is located north ofAlmeriabetween the municipalities of Gador, Gergal, Santa Cruz, Alboloduy and Castro de Filabres.

The most mysterious desert in Spain: the Gorafe Desert.

The Gorafe Desert is located in Spain, near Pomegranate. It is composed of red rocks and white sand. It is a stunning arid landscape that attracts many tourists. This Spanish desert offers many activities, including hikingon MOUNTAIN BIKE and driving in 4×4.

Although it is the smallest desert in EuropeIt is still very interesting and well worth a visit. The landscape includes forests, mountains and deserts. The mountains of the Sierra Nevada dominate this arid landscape. You can enjoy breathtaking views when visiting this desert in Spain. You can also go hiking or practice other sports. The Gorafe desert is an ideal place for cycling and hiking. The Gorafe desert is a peaceful and beautiful place to spend your holiday.

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