When we give a gift to someone we care about, we want above all to please them. We maximise our chances by focusing on what they are passionate about. It's not always easy to find the perfect gift for our loved ones who love to travel. We need to find the things that will be useful to them on their travels. Here are the best ideas for gifts to make travellers proud.

The best gifts for travellers in 2021

A gift is not always expensive, but when it is well chosen, it is always a pleasure. Giving a scratch-off map of the world will allow travellers to reveal the countries they have already visited and their flags. The scratch poster ¨100 places to see on a trip¨ will undoubtedly please your travelling friends. It features images of the world's most mythical landscapes and will no doubt increase their desire to travel.

A gift that will undoubtedly please a traveller is a guide to speaking any language. This will be even more useful if they don't know several languages, because they can use it to point to the object they want. Another important item is a flask that makes all water drinkable to avoid illnesses caused by drinking undrinkable water. Your friends will no doubt love a bag that doubles up as a washing machine, making it easier for them to do their laundry.

The book "Travel, a whole world to explore" , a travel reading tablet, a mini travel speaker, zero carbon travel, ¨The world 220 countries in one guide, a luxury leather travel book, a sports camera, a smartphone travel printer, a selfie pole are gifts that can please your traveller whether it is Christmas, or a birthday.

The best travel accessories to give as gifts

This is especially for travellers, a collapsible silicone water bottle that will take up less space in their case. What could be better than keeping your device on while travelling with a nomadic battery backup? The Universal Socket Adapter is used to connect electrical appliances to sockets in over 150 countries. One thing that may be insignificant for you but will be very useful for your friends is the travel pillow sling. Instead, you can opt for a set of luggage organizers for their enjoyment.

The best "hiking and adventure" gift ideas

Help them feel more comfortable when hiking with an ultra-light travel hammock. The frequent traveller's bible will help them travel better and cheaper by giving them information on everything they'll need. Be considerate of off-the-beaten-track travellers by opting for a 14-in-1 survival kit instead.

The best gift ideas for a female traveller

For a woman who loves to travel, you can give her a globe pendant to help her express her passion. It protects passport world map will be useful not only to protect this document It is also useful for getting on the plane and for locating certain areas where she wants to go. The 'pee-wees' for backpackers are a real relief when you're out in the bush with no toilet nearby.

The most beautiful decorative objects for travellers

If you don't have a tool that will help during the trip, you can also opt for a decorative gift to put in their home. A cork globe on which they can pin in red will be useful to mark places already visited. A cork map of the world can easily take the place of a board, with a caption indicating the places already visited and those yet to be visited.

A travel piggy bank will be a nice touch, it can be useful to start saving for a future trip. As a reminder of his dreams and aspirations, you can choose a globe lamp as a gift.

Lists for a travel-themed gift

If none of the above-mentioned gifts appeal to you, there are themes to help you find the perfect gift. The themes are :

  • Travel Accessories and Gadgets
  • Books, Novels and Travel Guides
  • Ecolo Travel Accessories
  • Travel Deco and World Map
  • Adventure and Hiking Gifts

You have some specific ideas above if you want to give a gift to someone close to you who is passionate about travel. By choosing an idea according to their tastes and preferences, you are sure to please them.

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