Are you planning your next holiday in Andalusia, in southern Spain? There are plenty of things you need to know to make sure your holiday goes off without a hitch. You'll certainly be delighted to be in possession of an Andalusia holiday list. Take a look at it before you start planning your luggage.

Andalusia Holiday List: Must-have documents

If you are a non-EU citizen, you will need your passport to move around the city freely. On the other hand, citizens of the European Union can move around with complete peace of mind with just a valid identity card. This applies to both adults and children.

How to pack for a trip to Andalusia?

Packing for a holiday requires a great deal of care. You'll need to pack important documents, such as confirmation of your accommodation booking if you've already booked, and your plane ticket, which you'll be asked for at the airport. It is important to carry a copy of your passport and identity card as well as the original. These copies will come in handy if you lose the original.

You will also need over-the-counter medicines for urgent needs such as migraines and the like. In addition, don't forget to take some cash which will be useful for small purchases, as well as appropriate clothing and shoes for the season. As you would like to have a good holiday, remember to take sun cream to protect you from the sun in spring and summer.

Activities in Andalusia

Enjoy a cruise yacht cruise on the Guadalquivir with live commentary while enjoying your welcome drink and enhance your experience by choosing an optional meal. For more discovery, head to the Alhambra and Generalife Palace Park on a 3-hour guided tour of the complex, including the Nasrid palaces. Choose between a private or small-group tour.

In the same vein, discover the jewels of Andalusia on the 5-day Madrid tour. Fall under the spell of the great landscapes, explore the famous sites and attractions in Cordoba, Seville, Ronda, the Costa del Sol, Granada and Toledo. Think of all those crazy days when you make your Andalusia holiday list. Put on your list all those attractions that will leave you speechless.

What accommodation should I expect in Andalusia?

It's important to book your accommodation before travelling to Andalusia. To make the most of your holiday, don't hesitate to rent your house at seaside. Port cities such as Málaga, Marbella and many others are open to the sea and offer beautiful accommodation for a dream holiday. You can go sightseeing while soaking up the sun on the beach.

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