Amsterdam is a popular destination for city trips. Its charm lies not only in its channels and its 17th century housesThe city's history and culture are not only the result of its history, but also of its underground culture. It perfectly combines modernity and historical heritage. It is romantic and has a rich cultural and scientific heritage that spans several centuries. It is an opportunity to leave with fond memories and a wealth of new knowledge.

Amsterdam, like most major capitals, has a city map, the Iamsterdam Card. This card allows you to get discounts in the main cultural buildings. This can be very useful depending on what you are looking for. The price of the tickets can be quite high, let's face it.

Amsterdam's most famous museum: the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is the most famous museum in Amsterdam. It is also the largest museum in the Netherlands. It is also the most visited in the country.

Museumkwartier is the Dutch museum district that houses this museum. The Rijksmuseum has many paintings by Dutch artists, but also a rich collection fromAsia. The Rijksmuseum houses the most important Dutch paintings of the Golden Age.

The building of the Museumplein was built by Pierre Cuypersa well-known Dutch architect who also designed the city's railway station.

The Rijksmuseum, which will be mentioned here next, is my favourite place in the city. Whether you are an art lover or not, I recommend you to visit it. This Amsterdam museum is a popular tourist attraction. The queue is long and crowded.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amterdam

L'one of the most popular places to visit in Amsterdam is the Van Gogh Museum. The queue can be quite long, especially in high season (April-May, July-August). You can avoid the queue by booking your tickets online at any time.

You can also buy tickets at the museum if you are not interested in buying tickets online. The museum is usually crowded between 11am and 1pm. You can see everything if you arrive before the museum is crowded with groups of visitors. The average visit to the museum lasts 75 minutes.

There are a number of museum cards and passes offered by Amsterdam (IAmsterdamCity. Rembrandtkaart. Museumkaart. Hollandpass). These passes give you access to immediately and free of charge to the Van Gogh Museum. Although IAmsterdamCity is the most popular among tourists, it is not the most advantageous.

The Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam

One of the most famous museums in Amsterdam is the Hidden Annex, which was located in a house on one of Amsterdam's canals. This is where two Jewish families fled from the Nazis between 6 July 1942 and 4 August 1944. It was here thatAnne Frank lived from the age of 15 until her death in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. It is believed that she kept a diary in her hiding place. You can visit the annex to see the hidden rooms and the original diary.

The Cannabis, Hashish and Marijuana Museum in Amsterdam

This museum explores thehistory of drugs and softness, which dates back to 800 years. It allows you to discover the whole process of production and manufacture of cannabis and hashish. You can also discover many marijuana plants. You can visit it from Monday to Saturday between 11am and 10pm, and on Sunday between 11am and 5pm.

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