Holidays are synonymous with travel, de tourisme et de découverte. After months of hard work, where the pace can sometimes make you race, it is time to take a break and let nature restore you. The perched huts overlooking wooded estates and welcome you as a couple, or as a family, all year round for a few nights or several unusual nights in Dordogne. The panoramic terraces offer a breathtaking view of nature and a moment of tranquillity between heaven and earth.

You will be able to better appreciate the extraordinary richness of nature when you are in its heart. We bet it will help you achieve one of your childhood goals!

The tightrope walker's hut in the Ô Bois Dormant domain.

squirrel hut in the trees

At a height of 7 metres, you can access the tightrope walker's hut by its secure net bridge. It is straight out ofIndiana Jones. Enjoy the breathtaking view from the suspended terrace from 10m2 which overlooks the treetops and allows you to observe the wildlife as well as the flora of the region. You will be accompanied by the singing of the birds and the rays of the morning sun when you get up, or throughout the day. There is a pulley on the terrace where you can put up your basket of breakfast. The tightrope walker's hut has a surface area of 15m2. It includes a bedroom with a traditional Futon mattress and wooden furniture. This allows you to enjoy your home from a greater height. The cabin also has a small bathroom. This cabin can accommodate up to four peopleIt has two double beds.

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The squirrel hut and its stairs

The Squirrel Hut, which is 8 mis located in the middle of the woods of the Green Perigord.

It is accessible via a staircase and is perfect for a romantic getaway or for family holidays in the middle of nature.

The terrace is south-facing and offers a breathtaking view on the natural landscape and surrounding animals.

This hut has been carefully constructed with materials chosen to reduce its ecological footprint.

You can enjoy a unique stay in full nature with minimal impact on the environment.

Château Milandes: a luxury accommodation perched in the trees.

The hut of the Milandes is situated in a grove of oak trees and spans the moat. It is a family hut, on a high level. You will find a large terrace where you can enjoy a Nordic bath for two people. Think of the far away villages of the Périgord. These woody essences are intoxicating. In this cabin, peace and quiet reign supreme. Wood is standard in this cabin. It can even become fossilised and tables and chairs have taken root. Discover wood in all its beauty and complexity.

The Pyrenees Hut and its spa

The spa and tree house Pyrenees are a romantic place for lovers. It is ideal for couples who want to relax in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. A place to get away with your partner, a perfect place to get together.

This charming suite has a large living area that allows you to enjoy your stay together. The spa and the Pyrenees hut will transport you to a world of relaxation. luxurious and cocooning inspired by the mountains.

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The spa (jacuzzi), which is heated to 36 degrees CThe restaurant will be available all year round on a large covered terrace overlooking the surrounding forest.

The hobbit hut of Samsaget

It is located in the Dordogne in the commune of Eyvigues-et-Eybènes. It is 20 minutes from Sarlat-La-Canéda, and 45 minutes from Rocamadour.

The rabbit hut of 48m2 is not perched in the trees, but it is of a sumptuous size.

Prepare to be transported by the structure, the furniture, and the decoration. It's all about exotic.

This unusual accommodation offers 4 rooms: the main living room, 2 bedrooms and a charming bathroom.

The private garden is a beautiful view that fits perfectly with the hut.

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