Whether as a family, couple or alone, England is an ideal holiday destination. The home of the Olympic Games, England is full of activities for the well-being of every visitor. To have a smooth stay in England, it is necessary to have a suitcase with items chosen accordingly. Start preparing your travel list for Queen Elizabeth's territory.

Choosing clothes and accessories with the UK weather in mind

You have decided to take a trip vers l’Angleterre. Cela signifie que vous avez déjà les documents nécessaires pour votre travel à savoir : passport or a valid identity card, a visa if necessary and your health insurance card and many others. All you have to do is make a travel list for England 1 week .

In your suitcaseyou will need to put on warm clothes because of the coolness of the area even in summer. You will also need to bring rain gear, shoes and bags. England is known as a country where it rains all the time, so you will need to be prepared accordingly. Although the sun is scarce in this land, you will still need to pack summer clothes and sun cream for the good weather.

  Pre-holiday packing list for the south

Provide a substantial budget

The cost of living is significantly higher in England than in France. It is therefore advisable to put as many items as possible in your suitcase to avoid breaking the bank on the spot. It is best to make a list of the attractions you want to visit and find out on their websites what each one costs. This will allow you to draw up a rough budget for your expenses before you leave. Don't forget to set aside an allowance for unforeseen circumstances.

Make reservations for rooms and attractions you wish to visit

Take a trip requires good preparation. To enjoy all the attractions you are passionate about in one week, you will need to make all the reservations in advance. There is always pressure to do as much as possible in a short time. That's why you need to make a travel list for England 1 week. By referring to the list, you will be more disciplined and have less pressure.

England is a country full of charm for visitors and locals alike. Travel in this country, even just for a week, is a dream for many. Its charm lies in many things. Its capricious climate, the politeness of its inhabitants and the public holidays caused each year by a snowstorm on the country make this country a beautiful work of art to discover.

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