The roadtrip is travelling in a van or car over a long distance and for several days. It is an experience that allows you to live incredible moments, to discover many regions and to meet new people. For those brave enough to take the plunge, it offers an opportunity to enjoy freedom from the daily grind. If you are planning to do a roadtrip in BrittanyFind out everything you need to know to go on an adventure.

Book a camping pitch

Brittany is a region that attracts many road trip enthusiasts during the holidays. Even if the number of visitors decreases during the other periods of the year, it is still substantial, whatever the season. For a little comfort during your road trip in BrittanyIt is therefore important to reserve a camping pitch in each of the places where you plan to stop.

By taking care of this part of your trip in advance, you can choose the ideal campsite from the many offers available. You will be able to choose a site in an environment that suits you best. To stay in touch with nature, you can choose sites that are close to a beach or a lake.

Whatever you are looking for in a campsite, it is recommended to inform you about the specifics and services included in each offer. If you are planning to do this as a family, you should also let other members participate in the search.

To make a booking in a campsite in BrittanyIf you have any questions, you can contact the school or visit their premises. However, it is recommended to go online to facilitate the process and benefit from preferential rates. The steps required to book a campsite online for a road trip in Brittany are just a few clicks away. The procedure is accessible to all and the reservation is validated almost instantly after the completion of the steps.

Visit Rennes

To make the most of your road trip in BrittanyIf you are looking for a place to stay, you need to go to Rennes. It is a destination with many places of interest that will satisfy your expectations. Once you have found a place to stop in Rennes or its surroundings, you can discover the city on foot or by bike.

If you have decided to walk, you can, for example, take a stroll in the Thabor park, a site known as a must for a nice walk in Rennes. This place, which extends over nearly ten hectares has magnificent waterfalls and is made up of gardens of various styles that will amaze visitors who love plant art. If you are travelling with your children, then a visit to this park is more than essential, as the site is full of play areas that will allow your little ones to have fun. The Thabor Park also offers visitors a rose garden where thousands of varieties of roses are sold.

Before hitting the road again, you can take advantage of your stopover in Rennes to stroll through the splendid cobbled streets of the city's historic centre. During your walk in this area, you can admire several monuments of the region such as Rennes' Saint-Pierre cathedral. The area is full of cafés and snack bars where you can take a break and have a quick bite to eat before continuing on your way.

The Pink Granite Coast

The Pink Granite Coast in Brittany is a 10-kilometre long coastal area. It passes through four communes, all of which are well worth a visit. Among these is the town of Perros-Guirec where you can access two marinas. Along the Pink Granite Coast, you can admire the sumptuous granite blocks of different shapes and sizes that mark out the route. In addition to their unusual size and shape, these granite blocks are also uniquely coloured.

The Pink Granite Coast is made up of various beaches where you can go during your exploration to relax. In Trébeurden, one of the four communes through which the Pink Granite Coast passes, you can make a stop at the large beach of Tresmeur to enjoy a good swim.

The beach at Trestraou is also one of the reasons why the Granite Coast is an ideal destination for a road trip in Brittany. You can lie down on the fine sand to relax and sunbathe in peace. If you are a lover of water sports, then you will have the opportunity to try at the beach of Trestraou a kayak trip or a trip aboard a catamaran.


In terms of charm and authenticity, Brest is undoubtedly among the best destinations to explore for a road trip in Brittany. Rue Saint-Malo is one of the places that make this port city famous. You can visit it to discover the timeless architecture of the region or contemplate the marvellous works of street art that adorn certain walls.

During your exploration, we recommend that you pass by the famous National Museum of the Navy. This popular tourist attraction is located in the mythical Brest Castle which offers a perfect view of the city. Before leaving the region, you can visit the Abbey of Daoulas located in the harbour of Brest. This domain, which has existed for several centuries, is distinguished by its high heritage quality and the incredible beauty of its gardens.

Stop by Doëlan during your roadtrip

There are many reasons why Doëlan deserves to be included in the list of places you must visit during a road trip in Brittany. This historic port reflects an original beauty that will charm any traveller. Much appreciated by hikers, Doëlan is distinguished by its refreshing atmosphere which makes the walks much more pleasant.

While walking around the port, you will have the opportunity to contemplate one of the two lighthouses of Doëlan. If you decide to walk along the cliffs, you will have a breathtaking view of a magnificent landscape which you can photograph to finish your road trip in style.

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