It is in the commune of Osanialong the west coast of the Corsicawhich you will find Girolata. It is located in the centre of the Scandolawhich has been classified by Unesco as a protected area. Girolata is only accessible by sea or by a small path (from the Col de la Croix, about 2 hours walk). This village is one of the few marine shelters on the coast between Calvi to the north and Cargese to the south. 

It is a popular stopover for boaters visiting the reserve in summer. There are a few houses in the village of Girolataall in red granite and perfectly integrated into its environment as well as restaurants and gîtes for stay a few days on site.

Getting to Girolata without a direct route


You can make a boat trip from Porto, Calvi or Ajaccio. I recommend that you choose a small boat that will sail to Scandolaand will stop at Girolata. Pass'Partout, a small company based in Porto, has decided to go back to traditional "small" boats. This means no semi-rigid or super sonic speedboats: it's better for nature. It is a smaller boat with a human-sized crew, which allows for excursions and a captain who adapts to your needs. A hybrid boat, environmentally friendly 100% is now offered by the company. It offers three trips in the region. You can choose to visit all the gulfs, or just one. travel which includes Scandola, Girolataand Porto, or another with Piana, Capo Rosso, and Porto.

  Khor al Adaid, the inland sea of Dakar

Walking: The path of the Girolata starts at the Col de la Croix, 22 km from Porto. It takes about 2 hours to cover the 7 kilometres. The beautiful hiking through the maquis takes about 4 hours round trip.

Girolata, too much of a tourist site in Corsica?

You will find a small pebble beach when you arrive at Girolata. It is flanked by a harbour, where you can see the boats of pleasure boaters and those of the many excursions. Tourists are continually arrivingThis detracts from the magical atmosphere of the place. This is especially true since the food on the beach is not traditional and exceptional. We feel it is important to be able to welcome the next boat's summer guests.

The extraordinary story of Guy, the postman from Girolata

It is well known and has been featured on television several times. Guy, the factor of GirolataHe used to walk every day along the village path. He used to walk every day along the village road. To deliver the mail to the inhabitants of GirolataHe walked 15 km a day in just 45 minutes. This was twice as fast than the 1.5 hours it normally takes to get to the village.

Tchou TchouTchou Tchou, his donkey and real 4×4 of the maquis, accompanied him when parcels had to be delivered. He would take Tchou Tchou with him to carry the parcels along the stony path along the coast.

Guy retired from the ranks in 2006. He has now passed away...

The mail is now delivered by sea, putting an end to this beautiful story which only concerned Girolata.

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